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Why Are Electric Bikes So Expensive With Reasons?

Why Are Electric Bikes So Expensive With Reasons - ebuddynews

Riding electric bikes or e-bikes is exciting and fun, giving us a remarkable twist on traditional bike riding. These bikes use an electric motor to assist in driving you forward, giving you a little extra boost when you go for a ride. Some of your favorite bike manufacturers can also find them available, but this is still a relatively new market. Everyone should have one! But can everyone afford one?

Why are electric bikes so expensive? Just a few of the fundamental reasons that electric bikes cost so much more than traditional bikes are:

  • The frame
  • The motor
  • The battery
  • Higher quality components
  • The electronic controller

Compared with a traditional bike, an electric bike can cost well over $1,000, with bigger-name bikes costing in the $10,000 range. The main differentiation in the price for these e-bikes arises from the cost of everything that makes them different from a traditional bicycle.

Why Are Electric Bikes So Expensive?

We can find electric bikes starting at around $1,000. In contrast, we cannot find higher quality electric bikes for under $2,000, and many are much higher.

These prices are incredible to many who have just started analyzing this form of the bike, but they make little sense when you break down the costs. There are many reasons why electric bikes come with such an expensive high price tag, but just some of these are:

1. Electric Bikes Employ A Higher Quality Frame

While we will also be concerned about using better quality components in e-bikes, its frame is one of the most significant quality parts.

A higher-end electric bike can consider more than double what a traditional bike does because of its frame alone. These bikes are considered to be over 50 pounds, but this is needed so that the frame can help the rider and the added motor and battery safely and comfortably. 

Some electric bikes are of high quality but have lighter frames caused of more expensive materials.

However, these lighter-weight, higher-end frames raise the bike price substantially.

You will also discover that many manufacturers are now designing custom frames with the battery made right into the frame, but these may further be higher priced. 

2. Battery Cost Added

The biggest reason electric bikes are more expensive than others on the market is that they feature a battery.

The battery solitary on most e-bikes will cost between $500 and $1,000, increasing the overall piece’s price substantially. 

Most electric bikes will have a lithium-ion battery since this style is more efficient. These batteries also minimize the bike’s weight as they are a lighter battery option.

You want to buy an e-bike with a better battery because it will endure more than a cheap one. A good electric bike battery will last as long as four years before it requires to be replaced. This lighter battery qualifies the bike to be more comfortable to cycle.

3. Electric Bikes Utilize a Motor

Another big factor that impacts the electric bike cost is the motor.

Traditional bikes do not require a motor, but electric bikes use a motor to help you when you pedal.

With an electric bike, you will either must contort a throttle while you pedal to utilize the motor or you can have a pedal-assist e-bike. 

We must specifically fit these motors for each bike, raising costs due to the added labor. Also, these are specially made and can add even more to the overall price of the bike. 

4. Higher Quality Components Need For Electric Bikes 

In addition to maintaining a higher-quality frame, several electric bike components need higher quality.

These bikes need to be able to sustain your weight, protect and maintain the motor and battery, and endure this all at the speed of a moving bike. 

For example, you must need a high-quality brake to control a fairly heavy bike at an advanced speed. Of course, containing higher-end parts will also continue to increase the price.

5. The Electronic Controller Price

The electronic controller is something traditional bikes will not require and continues to advance the bike’s price.

This part basically serves as the bike’s brain and helps your bike transmit between the battery and the motor. It will control the electric motor’s speed and also serve as a brake for the bike.

This electronic controller will kill the power when you apply brakes on your electric bike. The controller will utilize the power caused by the battery and push it to the motor.

The same type of controller utilized on your bike will vary depending on the brand of bike that you may be going to buy. These controllers usually contain adjustments for tire size, Km or miles, and for surveying a trip’s mileage and the overall mileage.

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