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What Is Butterfly Haircut, And How Does It Transform You?

What Is Butterfly Haircut, And How Does It Transform You - ebuddynews

Have you seen or heard about the butterfly haircut lately? It sounds strange, and if you are not very used to making drastic changes to your hair, it may seem less appealing to you with that name.

Stylists have said this cut suits most people, so you should try it. Don’t worry! This cut that is so fashionable in 2023 is really not very radical and will be your great ally to look beautiful.

But do you want to know more about this cut? Here we will briefly explain What a butterfly haircut is and who may look good.

What Is A Butterfly Haircut?

A combination of long layers with short layers to give your hair movement, dimension, and body is called a butterfly cut. Short, wispy layers hit all over the chin to frame your face, emphasize your features, and even outline a round face shape.

Meanwhile, the longer layers fall below the shoulders to maintain the look of a long hairstyle.

Due to the variation in the layers, the butterfly haircut gives the short haircut’s volume but only requires you to sacrifice a little length. Instead, the undercut eliminates weight and damaged ends, leaving you with a voluminous, bouncy style that can hold its shape.

Who Looks Good In A Butterfly Haircut?

Hair stylists said this cut could be adapted to any hair, but it looks best on naturally textured ones.

They also said anyone could try this cut, which is good for wavy or curly hair.

Butterfly haircuts look best in waves and curls because the layers blend to complement your natural hair pattern, making the hairstyle low-maintenance.

How Does Butterfly Cut Transform You?

The butterfly cut manages to frame the face, thanks to the curtain bangs that come along the following gap, marked on the sides. The longest layer is the back, which is in the back or can be brought in front of the shoulders, depending on the interest.

It is a 2-in-1 haircut. The shorter layers of this cut, which have the length of a bob haircut, make it an ideal option, as many stylists said if you want to achieve a completely renewed style while maintaining long hair. 

With a clear reference to the seventies due to the layers and volume they provide and which are reminiscent of stars like Brigitte Bardot, it is the option to start 2023 with other more current ones such as Jennifer López

Style this long hair with the parting in the middle and the bangs to the sides with marked ends, using a product that does not allow a textured finish to be provided.

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