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Ways To Increase Your Well Being Effectively

Ways To Increase Your Well Being Effectively ebuddynews

Surely you have ever thought about how to increase your well being.

That feeling that comes close to the well-known happiness, but that is more lasting and allows us to feel comfortable with the life we are experiencing.

However, sometimes, we fall into different “errors” resulting from learned behavior patterns, beliefs, prejudices and other things that only make us terribly unhappy.

For this reason, today you will learn the best way to increase your well being effectively.

To increase your well being you have to start being conscious

Treat yourself with kindness and respect, and avoid self-criticism. Make time for your hobbies and favorite projects, or broaden your horizons.

In order to increase your well being, you have to start being aware of how you act, how you respond to others, the way you relate to them, the worries, fears or situations that cause you rejection.

Ways To Increase Your Well Being Effectively ebuddynews

This is one of the most important keys because if you are not aware of the way you experience life, you can not change it.

Allow yourself to accept that you make mistakes and that you make mistakes without actually wanting to do so. Do not deny reality, do not cover your eyes. To increase your well being you will have to see with your eyes wide open.

These are some of the things you can start looking at …

How many judgments do you make each day?

You may be surprised to discover that you emit more than five trials per day and it is normal. Do not be scared, let alone blame yourself.

Being aware of this has to make you feel good because that way you can change it.

Think that judgments can be issued verbally, but they can also be present in your mind, without needing to say them. Occasionally, it is possible that the camouflage under “is my opinion”.

Find the source of what remains in your well being

Maybe you will be well off having shame, certain fears or not being able to leave your comfort zone. Do not worry, now is the time for you to do something you sure you’ve never done because it hurts.

Ways To Increase Your Well Being Effectively ebuddynews

You have to go to the origin.

Maybe you have to go back to your childhood or just until a key moment in your life that left a deep wound in you and now manifests in this way.

Knowing the starting point will allow you to find a solution.

Question your beliefs

The beliefs have to be always questioned; however it is something that we do not usually do. Question everything, especially what you think is true.

You may discover a new way of seeing reality.

Also, if you have found the source of what diminishes your well being, you will be able to realize the beliefs that those bad experiences have generated for you. Question them too and do not let them guide your life.

First, you are and then the rest

From small have taught us to please others, to dress appropriately to not clash and look at us badly, to seek approval, to always have a “yes” in the mouth for our loved ones …

However, how many of these things have been worth to you, now that you are in search of your welfare because you have lost it?

The best is not taught, and the best thing is that you are first. Why do not you smile, why do not you take care of yourself, why do not you speak well? Why do you dedicate all this to others, but not to yourself?

Ways To Increase Your Well Being Effectively ebuddynews

Although sometimes, you feel lonely, you never really are. Although at times, you feel misunderstood, in reality, there is someone who understands you.

You have yourself, and you must give yourself the respect, the love and everything that you offer to others.

In addition, there are phrases that tell us that “you can not love anyone if you do not love yourself”, “nobody will respect you until you do not respect yourself”.

Increasing your well being will no longer be a concern when you begin to look after yourself and give yourself the importance you really deserve.

You have yourself at all times. You are your best friend, who best understands you. So stop thinking outside and dare to dive inside.

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