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Top 8 Pillars Of Holistic Health And Wellness

Top 8 Pillars Of Holistic Health And Wellness - ebuddynews

Life has been in charge of demonstrating, by itself, that health is not only based on leading a healthy life. But it goes further, or perhaps in these days when many have felt anxiety. It happens because of being confined or perhaps not seeing their relatives out of fear. Have they experienced discomfort? The experts of the World Health Organization explain it very well. Health is the absence of diseases or illnesses and a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.

Therefore, the maximum enjoyment of your health depends on the factors mentioned above. The holism methodology calls the eight pillars of holistic health and wellness. Such as physical, nutritional, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, financial, and environmental.

Jenna Templeton, health educator, and science expert, explains that the biology of the human being, her personality, and the environment determine what well-being will be for each one. And she clarifies that the common thread is that this requires a holistic approach.

Let’s Start By Defining The Physique:

It is not just about exercises, something that obviously should not ignore, and it is an important element.

When holistic well-being refers to physical, adequate sleep, health, and a healthy diet, at this moment, the specialist asks us: Are you getting enough sleep? Do you get a quality rest? If not, she recommends sleeping at least seven to nine hours each night if you are an adult. Avoid electronic devices 30 minutes before going to bed, listening to relaxing music, and doing light stretching.


Food goes along with our physical health, but the holistic methodology highlights it for its great importance. Jenna explains that a balanced diet requires eating nutritious foods that feed your body and mind. The ideology explains that nutrition will depend on age, sex, activity level, and blood chemistry.

For this reason, experts recommended that meals carry more fruits and vegetables, in addition to grains, a serving of protein, and dairy as a side. A correct diet will help the adult obtain the macronutrients to have energy, muscle recovery, and other bodily processes.


It is one of the most important and usually affects us the most. The basis for emotional well-being is that the person can manage their feelings. By effectively identifying, evaluating, and sharing, you can achieve those feelings with other people.


Living together, sharing, and enjoying the presence of other people, or what we are when we are with them, is health and well-being. Never underestimate the result. The crisis that affects today’s world shows us: surrounding yourself with people is important. The expert explains that when life’s demands increase and stress increases. The capacity to turn to someone for understanding and support is powerful. Social welfare revolves around connecting with others to establish positive relationships. If these fail, it revolves around dealing with conflicts adequately.


The spiritual pillar will depend on each person. For some, life may play a stronger role. It will help if you can spend your time with yourself.

Jenna exposes the following on this pillar: You can commonly see spirituality as a sense of purpose, direction, or meaning. Many develop their spirituality through meditation, prayer, or other activities that enable a connection with nature or a higher power.

The point of this practice is that, as a human being, you can monitor your intentions, guide your actions, and maintain a values-based approach to life.


Feeding the brain, as many say, is part of wellness. Putting the mind to work allows it to be strengthened and develop new skills and knowledge to achieve satisfaction, inspiration, and take on new challenges. To give this well-being to your body, the educator recommends puzzles and games that help put the brain to work or educational efforts. She adds that even participating in intellectually stimulating conversations and debates can strengthen this pillar.


She says that financial wellness may seem the least interesting. Let us remember that the lack of this pillar has been the main cause of stress and even death. However, improving death will surely strengthen the other holistic health and wellness pillars. Therefore, the expert advises us to take small steps to control expenses and save money to lighten the burden of our daily life truly.


Ideology supports this pillars of holistic health and wellness in its relationship with its immediate personal environment, home, and work.

She reports that you can feel the effects of strengthening your environmental well-being on a personal level, as well as in your expanded local and global community. The more you care about your natural and built environment, and the more you respect them, the better they can sustain and support your daily life.

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