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Top 8 Habits To Have More Energy All Day

Top 8 Habits To Have More Energy All Day ebuddynews

It seems that even drinking gallons of coffee, you can have more energy all day. You do not know the reason, but you lack that “fuel” to be able to fulfill all your obligations. The good news is that if you change some of your habits, you will be able to achieve your goals and tasks.

How to have more energy all day?

The routine can make a dent in our body, and if we add the fact of not sleeping or eating well, it is normal not to have enough strength to face the day. That’s why we give you the following tips to have more energy all day. Start today!

1.Try to have a quality sleep/rest

Top 8 Habits To Have More Energy All Day ebuddynews

It may seem obvious, but it is necessary to indicate it as the first recommendation. A good night’s rest is synonymous with more energy during the day. It does not have to do with the number of hours (although it is said that the ideal is 8) but with the quality of the dream. Try to be comfortable in bed, with enough warmth and as little light as possible. To avoid insomnia do not watch TV or use your mobile phone 1 hour before going to bed.

2. Exercise

Top 8 Habits To Have More Energy All Day ebuddynews

Although it may seem the opposite, the practice of physical activity before 10 o’clock in the morning is more beneficial than in the afternoon or evening. This is because exercise releases endorphins that improve mood and prepare us for the rest of the day.

It is not necessary to have a job where the schedule of entry is late: you can at least walk with your dog about 15 minutes as soon as you get up. You should put the alarm clock earlier, but it’s worth it.

Another option if you do not like to get up early is to move the body in an “informal” manner. This means that for example, you go to work by bicycle, use the stairs instead of the elevator or leave the car parked further away to have to walk to the office (and back).

3. Meditation

Top 8 Habits To Have More Energy All Day ebuddynews

Maybe your thing is not the exercise (although it is very beneficial for your health) and you want a more relaxed activity and thus have more energy from early. We recommend in that case that you dedicate about 10 minutes to meditation.

You do not need to be an expert Tibetan monk or a specific technique: it is simply to put yourself in the lotus position (with your legs crossed and your back straight), close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Leave out any thoughts that relate to work, money, partner or housework. Concentrate on your body, and nothing else matters.

4. Leave a source of natural light

Top 8 Habits To Have More Energy All Day ebuddynews

The best way to tell the mind that it is time to get up is with natural light. When it perceives the luminosity is activated by it, we sleep at night when it is dark. Open the curtains of your room and the entire house. As soon as the alarm goes off, you can turn on the light on the bedside table to speed up the process.

5. Have a good breakfast

Top 8 Habits To Have More Energy All Day ebuddynews

It is essential not to delay or skip this important food because ultimately it is what gives you all the nutrients your body needs to start the day. It is a very common habit to leave the house in a rush and drink a coffee along the way, however, it is not the most appropriate. Get up 10 minutes before (or do not press so many times the “postpone” the alarm) and prepare a full breakfast which should include fruits, cereals and dairy (better skimmed).

Breakfasts that contain carbohydrates and fibers are the most recommended to have more energy all day. An example: a pot of Greek yogurt with oats, a slice of whole wheat bread with cheese and a banana.

6. Keep the proper posture

Top 8 Habits To Have More Energy All Day ebuddynews

Once you get to work, you can also change some habits to feel more energetic or awake without having to drink 2 cups of coffee. As a first step, we advise you to place your desk as close as possible to a window from which natural light enters so that the brain is active.

On the other hand, it would be good to maintain a good posture not only to avoid contractures and pain but also so that you do not “fall asleep” in front of the screen. To do this, the back should be as straight as possible, the shoulders separated from the ears and the neck comfortable.

7. Move

Top 8 Habits To Have More Energy All Day ebuddynews

We are not talking about exercising in the middle of the day but about avoiding stiffness by spending hours in the same position. To avoid this, you can get up from the seat 5 minutes every hour and take a short walk around the office.

So that it does not seem that you are leaving aside your work, take advantage of the moments of telephone calls or document analysis to stand up and walk a little. By activating the circulation of the blood and moving a bit, you will emerge from the lethargy and have more energy.


Top 8 Habits To Have More Energy All Day ebuddynews

Sometimes there is nothing to wake us up even if we try different techniques. What do you think about putting some music on the move? You can hear it on your own or share it with your colleagues as they allow you at work. Pleasant melodies activate the brain and allow you to increase concentration and focus. They also reduce stress and tension. And life is much more fun!

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