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Top 5 Tips To Overcome From Miscommunication In Relationship

Top 5 Tips To Overcome From Miscommunication In Relationship - euddynews

Suppose communication is a key element in all types of relationships. In that case, they are even more so in the case of couple relationships. However, it is relatively common that the lack of communication is installed in coexistence with time and the maturation of courtship or marriage.

For this reason, in the following lines, we will explore different strategies to approach and overcome miscommunication problems in a relationship so that this ceases to be an element that wears down the affective bond.

The Most Frequent Problems Due To Miscommunication In Relationship

There are many ways to consolidate a communication deficit in a relationship. In addition, the origin of these dysfunctional communication patterns also gives rise to different types of miscommunication.

Knowing how to recognize the scope of this discomfort generated by poor communication is necessary to understand where that “crisis” in a relationship begins and where it ends and, from there, think of solutions.

Taking this into account, the most common types of relationship problems due to miscommunication are the following :

  • The appearance of taboo topics that both people avoid
  • Adopting a passive attitude based on reporting what is important from an instrumental point of view (doing household chores, seeking material support from the other person)
  • Bad management of the discussions leads to not being able to deal serenely with certain topics.
  • lack of time together
  • Problems originating outside the relationship that “absorb” a good part of the energy of people

Tips To Manage And Overcome Miscommunication In Relationship

When properly managing this kind of problem in a marriage or courtship, it is very important to adapt the possible solutions proposed to the causes that have produced this situation.

In other words, unfortunately, there are no infallible magic recipes that will work 100% of the time since what, in one case, may be an effective solution. In other cases, it may not contribute anything or even be a hindrance. And that is why, among other things, that to deal with this type of crisis that affects a love relationship, the ideal is to go to a psychologist to have personalized attention.

However, some guidelines guide you in exploring possible solutions, starting with an overview of the most common causes of miscommunication. So, keep these tips in mind to face and overcome the problematic dynamics arising from a miscommunication in your relationship. First, consider if they adapt to your case; you don’t have to use them all.

1. Re-Organize The Time From The Consensus

As we have seen, a good part of the problems due to lack of communication in a marriage or courtship results from the lack of time together. However, one can often solve this lack of hours of free time to be with the other person without making great sacrifices. Look for fit points between the two and reformulate the schedules of each one.

It is surprising to see the number of couples who suffer unnecessarily from these types of problems simply for not proposing to talk about it with the other person, assuming they are the only ones who can live according to that schedule.

2. Learn To Take Constructive Criticism

A very good way to make conversations more stimulating and not associated with the risk of going through frustrating situations when disagreeing is to stop criticizing the person and start criticizing their actions.

In this way, we will not encourage him to become defensive. At the same time, he will have a greater predisposition to correct his behavior. Furthermore, this will help to stop making the discussions equivalent to shouting and fighting to see who is right, something important, because these dynamics lead many people to try not to speak in everything that could suppose a conflict.

3. Develop A Hobby Together

Starting to participate together in a hobby generates more shared memories, which act as a hook to generate conversation and establish new channels of communication not only about topics directly associated with that activity. The important thing is to have material to talk about and discover the other person’s new facets, ideas, opinions, and interests.

4. Take Advantage Of The Time Together Without Distractions

If you are eating while watching TV it can be fine from time to time. However, spending all the hours of the week when you are together reading or watching a screen is alienating and leads to disconnecting from the relationship.

5. Structure Your Work Rhythm To Save Energy

Finally, do not forget that the lack of communication can arise from sheer tiredness, which leads people to not talk to anyone in general. Introspection is a way to save energy.

To prevent this from being a problem, it is very important to structure working time well, sleep the necessary hours every day and take short breaks to perform well. That work does not accumulate at the end of the day.

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