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Top 5 Low Wattage Air Fryer 2022

Top 5 Low Wattage Air Fryer 2022 - ebuddynews

If you are a fan of air frying, you are not alone. Air fryers are the chosen method for those looking for crunchy, evenly cooked food devoid of the mess and added calories of oil. Whether you are health awareness or simply watching your weight, an air fryer should be necessary for your home kitchen.

While most mid to ‘large-sized’ air fryers use up to 2000 watts while cooking, there are certain situations where you will need a more efficient air fryer. Whether you live in an RV or ‘off-grid’ or are simply responding to your energy consumption, you may be seeking into a low wattage air fryer. An ‘air fryer’ which uses fewer watts will typically be smaller. However, the ‘trade-off’ is better energy use with the same crispy, oil-free results that you look forward to.

Does The Air Fryers Use A Lot of Electricity?

In general, air fryers use quite a bit of electricity. Look near the label on the back to find out how much your specific air fryer uses. It may tell you the wattage. If it is not so, use an electricity usage monitor to plug your air fryer into. Once you do it, it will tell you a live reading of the accurate amount of energy it “pulls” from the wall outlet.

Once you know the wattage, you can effortlessly work out the cost of power. You can multiply the air wattage of the fryer by its operational hours. An air fryer that uses 2000 watts, one hour per day, will use 2 kWh. You can find out how much 1-kilowatt hour (kWh) costs by looking at your electricity bill or calling your utility provider.

The price of average kWh in the USA is around 11 cents. However, the same can significantly differ if you reside in some states. To be clear, we may see that the average price per kWh in Hawaii is around 27 cents. It is around 8 cents in Idaho. Running your air fryer of 2000-watt for an hour per day costs you nearly ‘5 dollars per month in Hawaii’ or ‘5 dollars per month in Idaho.’ Ultimately we need not talk about it, as it can get luxurious if you add it up over time.

Choosing The Best Low Wattage Air Fryers

If you are seeking the best low wattage air fryer, there are certain things you will have to examine:


The wattage amount an air fryer uses directly is an indication of how much energy it uses. Generally, air fryers that use less than 1000 watts are exceptional to some extent. We could classify it as ‘low wattage.’ Suppose there is an option that pulls around 1000 watts.


If we do like to know how much food your air fryer can hold, we have an answer. We have the list of the overall capacity in either quarts or liters. It will give you a clear signal of how much food you can cook at the same time. Smaller capacities are the typical trade-off for air fryers that use less wattage.

Max Temperature

We must cook most foods at a somewhat high temperature for the crispiest results. Knowing the highest temperature setting can warn you what it is capable of cooking.


The excess footprint an air fryer takes in your kitchen is essential for those living in small spaces. If you know the specific length, width, and height, you can save yourself from purchasing a unit that is moreover large for your space.

Top Low Wattage Air fryers In 2022

1. ALLcool Air Fryer 4.5 Quart + 1400 Watt

ALLcool Air Fryer 4.5 Quart + 1400 Watt - ebuddynews

If you really must go for a bigger-sized air fryer, ‘1400 watts’ is the best one with which you can manage without considering a ‘drop-off’ in air frying presentation. The stated ‘ALLcoo’ l air fryer is an outstanding example of how to do the same right!

It achieves a lower watt rating like the Dash above by simplifying the design of the air fryer. All you need are Rotary dials, and you do not require any fancy lighting. They send electricity to the most important parts only there. Further, it will give you 4.5 quarts of cooking size. It would be fine for anything up for a small family. 

The design does not stand out as some others. However, it has a simple charm. The blue has a whole retro vibe to it. However, the three available colorways undoubtedly help the same: navy blue, blue, and black.

The only downside is that you buy from a generic brand here in ‘ALLcool.’ You will not have large product brand security. You may also feel with some more familiar manufacturers of ‘air fryers’ in the market. The benefit to the said statement is that the said air fryer is one of the more competitively having the price at the time of writing.

2. DASH Tasti-Crisp Electric Air Fryer 2.6 Quart + 1000 Watt

DASH Tasti-Crisp Electric Air Fryer 2.6 Quart + 1000 Watt - ebuddynews

It is the sweet mark for me in respect of ‘low-watt air fryers.’ It is a decent size, which is often not the case for those air fryers. Further, it still only runs 1000 watts. It manages the same by having a simple design. There are no electronic panels which are just good old twisty dials. Of course, the upside to the same is that such an air fryer has much fewer moving parts that could go wrong.

Some lower-wattage air fryers suffer from reduced air frying performance, but not this Dash model. It still maintains excellent crispiness on your air-fried food.

Added to that, the timeless, classic, and sleek design you have is something that would seem to be great in any kitchen. It is especially a retro-themed one. Further, Dash has been making air fryers for a while, so you can buy with the assurance that the company is here to stay.

Dash has also managed to put the low-wattage package together for a very realistic price. If you take care, it is a unit that frequently gets at a ‘cut-price.’ 

That is why we have this Dash air fryer model as my number one pick for low-watt enthusiasts.

3. Chefman Small Air Fryer 3.6 Quart + 1200 Watt

Chefman Small Air Fryer 3.6 Quart + 1200 Watt - ebuddynews

People have known Chefman in the world of air fryers for a while now and have some decent offerings. This one is no exception and fits right into our low-wattage requirement.

They have been able to cram 3.6 quarts of cooking space into an appliance, which that requires 1200 watts only. It is close to the sweet spot, as the Dash model above occupied it. And if you need a little more space, you would most likely go for the similar.

Again, we only see rotary dials now to keep that wattage rating down. In my opinion, the air fryer has a rather generic and boring look. It does not help by only coming in a few variations of black and white. If you wish for something stylish in your kitchen, you may have a look elsewhere.

One advantage of the present model, which is over the Dash, is that it still has a 60-minute timer that you do not always see on smaller, lower-wattage air fryers. It is great if you want to cook something that will need a longer cooking time, such as a whole chicken.

Other than that, there is much more to say. It is a typical air fryer with nothing special about it apart from its lower wattage rating for the size. At the time of writing, the price level is what we would describe as the middle of the road for the present type and size of the air fryer. 

4. Philips Essential Air Fryer Compact Air Fryer 4 Quart +1400 Watt

Philips Essential Air Fryer Compact Air Fryer 4 Quart +1400 Watt - ebuddynews

If we want the size and wattage of the ALLcool and a package a more respected manufacturer offered, the Philips air fryer is the one to go for. We may use Philips air fryers for many years. We will find their longevity amazing when we compare it to most other air fryers available in the market.

It is correct to say that coming in at 4 quarts, it is slightly smaller than the ALLcool. Nevertheless, it is not very dissimilar. Further, incredibly, you do get a simple digital display to boot. ‘Philips’ must have engineered some good competence in their systems to allow this. There is the availability of added benefit of buying an air fryer from such a big manufacturer.

Additionally, it comes with all the features you expect from a typical air fryer. The user crossing point makes it a breeze to use too! And it is trouble-free to clean as a nice bonus.

There is only one drawback is that you most likely pay more for that ‘big brand privilege.’ It may even be twofold the cost of the other models listed here. However, surely the air fryer will live longer than many of them!

5. Aria Premium 2 Qt. Retro Style Ceramic Air Fryer + 800 Watt

Aria Premium 2 Qt. Retro Style Ceramic Air Fryer + 800 Watt - ebuddynews

When we first heard of Aria, we had no idea who they were in the air fryer world. They have come out of the ‘left field’ with a ‘pretty amazing offering’ for anyone looking for a low wattage air fryer. They have manufactured to make available the ‘2 quarts of cooking space’ by some means for a measly 800 watts. Therefore, if your goal is to get the lowest wattage air fryer, it is better to opt for the Aria model.

Affirmatively, we have seen 700-watt units, but they are usually a meager 1 quart in size, which is hardly worth it in air fryer terms. You would resist cooking enough in there, even for one person!

Many Amazon customers seem reassuringly like the model for an unheard-of brand. It makes us feel better about such an unheard-of brand. At the time of writing, it had reviews of well over 800 customers with a star rating of 4.5 overall.

The only other thing is that this air fryer comes in a good retro design and accompanying colorways. Not relatively as striking as the Dash, but not far behind. Other than it, the Aria air fryer has all the typical functions you would expect from an air fryer.

Further, all they wrap up is at a very low retail price, even when not discounted in any way! It is a good job, Aria, and let’s hope they put out more air fryers on that level!

Any Downsides To A Low Wattage Air Fryer?

When buying a low-watt air fryer, always read multiple reviews to ensure the appliance doesn’t suffer from such an issue. Let us presume that it is a manufacturer at the lowest edge in the wattage scale, which we expect in an air fryer. It is not careful with how they supervise the same. It can lead to reduced air frying performance and sufficient ability to crisp up food.

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