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Tips For How To Overcome Pride And Ask For Forgiveness

Tips For How To Overcome Pride And Ask For Forgiveness ebuddynews

Overcoming pride can sometimes be very difficult since we believe that asking for forgiveness can mean lowering and losing our dignity. However, far from all this, it strengthens our relationships.

Relationships, be they couples, family, work or friendship, require a great honesty to recognize when we have made a mistake. That’s when we should ask for forgiveness, overcome pride and demonstrate with true repentance acts.

Many people ask for forgiveness, but in reality, they do not feel it. The result is that they are asking for forgiveness, but they do not learn from their mistakes. Surely, it is a way not to overcome pride and ask for forgiveness.

To overcome pride, understand that you are not perfect

To overcome pride and ask for forgiveness you must understand that you are not a perfect person. Sometimes it’s hard to admit since our ego often feels hurt.

However, it is mature to recognize it.

Tips For How To Overcome Pride And Ask For Forgiveness ebuddynews

We have a self-image sometimes quite blurred of what reality is. Perhaps because society urges us to be perfect, when that is impossible.

Recognizing that we are wrong, that we make mistakes, that we can recognize them and apologize for them will allow us to put our feet on the ground. Having a more realistic and less idealized image of us will improve our relationships.

Overcoming pride in the relational aspect can also help us in other areas of our lives. For example, we will tolerate much better any stumbling at work and criticism that others can make.

Is it true that we have been upset when someone has pointed out to us what we did not do well? Well, it is time to receive everything we can learn in one of the areas of our life, to apply it to all the others.

Become an observer

Tips For How To Overcome Pride And Ask For Forgiveness ebuddynews

Some techniques such as mindfulness urge us to become observers. Of course, without judging. The problem is that this is a very deep-rooted habit and it is difficult for us to get rid of it.

Observing our emotions when asking for forgiveness can allow us to get an idea of why it is hard for us to overcome pride. Maybe we have to look towards our past.

What experiences hurt us and they feel that our dignity was sullied? Although it hurts to recover them from our memories, it is important to do so. That is the key to what is happening to us.

Also, it is essential that we not only observe ourselves but our environment. Above all, to the people to whom we would have to apologize.

Observing how others feel and how they act when you treat them can help you improve your empathy and perhaps remember a time when you saw yourself in their place.

Would you like to have been asked for forgiveness? What took the situation as an opportunity to overcome pride? The more you observe it, the more you empathize, and the more you will realize what you feel you should do.

Do not forget that pride makes you feel superior to others and that is not the case. That is ego.

If it costs you, practice it

Tips For How To Overcome Pride And Ask For Forgiveness ebuddynews

If it’s hard for you to ask for forgiveness and overcome pride, it’s time to start practicing it. The normal thing is that you get anxious about doing it and, therefore, you are never ready to take the step.

Precisely for that reason, just like when you prepare an exam or an oral presentation, make a script and practice it. Reflect on those phrases or words that make you feel more comfortable.

The more you become familiar with all that, the less it will cost you to put it into practice. Of course, remember that, even if it costs you, it has to come true!

All script, effort, dedicated time and concern to choose phrases and words that make you feel comfortable have to have their practicality.

Overcome fears and fears. Overcome the pride that is preventing you from going down that step where certain experiences upload you that in your unconscious you think will be repeated.

Pride can be a means of protection, but do not forget that your relationships are at stake. Having good treatment with those around us is part of happiness.

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