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Tips To Keep Your Day Full Of Motivation And Joy

Tips To Keep Your Day Full Of Motivation And Joy ebuddynews

When we were little everything seemed to be much easier and fun. However, as we grow, our path through life makes us forget our dreams.

Over time, we program ourselves and fall into the vicious circle of comfort.

In this way, we become slaves to the routine. We lose sight of what is important for us to achieve a life full of happiness and satisfaction.

However, each of us has the power to determine our own mood and the course of our lives.

Happiness, joy, and motivation

Matthieu Ricard, the happiest man in the world, defines happiness as the “profound sensation of serenity and fullness”.

Ricard says that anyone can find true happiness, which is reached through wisdom, altruism, compassion, leaving aside the “mental toxins,” that is, hatred, greed, and ignorance.

Similarly, the Dalai Lama in “The Book of Joy” argues that human beings themselves create conditions that undermine joy and happiness due to negative tendencies of the mind, emotional reactivity or inability to appreciate. and use internal resources.

Tips To Keep Your Day Full Of Motivation And Joy ebuddynews

On the other hand, just as the human being has the power to feed his own suffering, he also has the capacity to generate more joy.

According to the Dalai Lama, the key to happiness lies in internal management, which includes the attitudes and reactions we take and apply in daily life.

Also, a fundamental element to achieve our goals to be happy is motivation.

Ricard, mentioned above, argues that the human being has the ability to suggest himself feel joy, joy, and happiness when he wants.

However, if our objective is altruistic or sincere, it will be much more likely to enjoy with passion what is done every day and also to spread that attitude to other people.

What to do to live happier?

Michael Fordyce was one of the pioneers of Positive Psychology; that is, of the methods and activities that aim to cultivate positive feelings, behaviors, and cognitions.

He was the creator of a program called “14 basic principles of happiness”.

This program aims to make people apply each of the characteristic principles of happy people so that they can also be happy.

These 14 conditions are the following:

  • Be more active  and stay busy
  • Socialize for longer
  • Be productive in some meaningful work
  • Be organized and plan
  • Avoid worrying
  • Decrease aspirations and expectations
  • Develop optimistic and positive thinking
  • Live in the present
  • Work on a healthy personality
  • Foster an extroverted and sociable personality
  • Be yourself
  • Eliminate negative feelings and problems
  • Close relationships are the number of resources for happiness
  • Value happiness

In addition to the principles of the Fordyce program, there are other important aspects that must be taken into account. In Best of Health we select the following:

Take care of your physical and psychological health

Tips To Keep Your Day Full Of Motivation And Joy ebuddynews

It should be considered that the causes of apathy can also be caused by diseases, thyroid problems, stress, chemical and psychological disorders, consuming drugs, or even menopause.

Also, it is essential to devote time to physical activity, because the effects on the body are countless. Therefore, taking care of our body is one of the keys to live with motivation and joy.

Avoid envy

Envy usually appears when one is too concentrated in the material and, as a result, it is impossible to maintain mental tranquility. In fact, the effect of envy is to corrode any kind of relationship, destroying the mind and health.

For that reason, it is important to cultivate emotions that produce joy and peace of minds such as knowledge or experience. In this way, our concentration will be directed towards taking care of our authentic values.

Enjoy positive emotions

Tips To Keep Your Day Full Of Motivation And Joy ebuddynews

All emotions have a positive function because they allow self-knowledge.

However, positive emotions such as forgiveness, hope, generosity, and gratitude help to neutralize negatives. They not only provoke pleasure but also improve personal, intellectual, physical, psychological and social abilities.

Accept painful experiences

Negative emotions will always be unavoidable in life since we will be exposed to loss, mistakes, and failures.

However, happiness is not only the absence of suffering but depends on the balance of positive and negative emotions.

Therefore, by accepting painful experiences, self-control and psychological flexibility are strengthened and will continue to grow despite the tragedies.

In conclusion, achieving the motivation and joy that lead us to happiness requires will, effort, and work. However, living with joy means living longer and just for that reason, it is worth working on it.

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