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The Importance Of Rest : Not Work Every-time

The Importance Of Rest Not Work Every-time ebuddynews

Work is a very important part of our life. We dedicate a lot of hours to him throughout the week. However, we often underestimate the importance of rest.

Many times, even on Saturdays and Sundays, we continue with our mind occupied with work.

We do not realize that all that stress that we suffer and that causes that hair loss, or dermatitis is the product of lack of rest.

Now, we are talking about a quality break, to get away from work completely and enjoy life a little. This is very necessary.

Rest increases our productivity

We may believe that not enough rest will make us more productive. However, this is not true. What usually happens when we do not rest, and we are very absorbed in our work that we do not allow ourselves a moment of relaxation, is that we lose time.

Have you ever noticed that you worked slower? Have you noticed that ideas did not flow and that your motivation was on the floor? All this is the product of the lack of a good rest.

This causes us a loss of energy that often causes us to even procrastinate without realizing it.

The Importance Of Rest Not Everything Is Work ebuddynews

The importance of good rest is that it will allow us to disconnect completely to enjoy other areas of our life. These can be to dedicate time to ourselves, to our family, to enjoy one of our hobbies, to make a small excursion, etc.

  • All this will help us to get away from work and not to think about it until it is again on Monday.
  • Although we do not create it, our mind will clear, the stress will dissipate, and we will recharge our energies so that we can return to work with more enthusiasm.

When we have rested and allowed our mind to clear, our productivity increases.

Likewise, it also favors our motivation, since, if we find ourselves lacking in energy, we will feel that everything costs us much more than usual. This will affect our performance.

The importance of rest for the self-employed

We will make a special mention of the importance of the rest for the self-employed, since they establish their schedule and, at present, much work from their own home as freelancers.

In these cases, you also have to know how to differentiate between work and rest.

The problem of the self-employed is that, sometimes, they stay late working, sometimes work on weekends too and all this prevents them from enjoying that longed-for break. If a freelancer works from home, the situation gets a little more complicated.

  • Working from home means that our attention sometimes goes to other tasks.
  • This causes the possibilities of procrastination to increase, and we have to work on weekends to make up for the lack of productivity of the whole week.

This is nothing positive.

The benefits of resting

The Importance Of Rest Not Everything Is Work ebuddynews

Now that we have a little more knowledge about the importance of rest, we will see what benefits it gives us.

Because do we work to live or do we live to work? It is normal that, if we like our work, we dedicate hours and time, but we must balance it by paying attention to other areas.

  • It allows us to grow our relationships interpersonal, whether family or friends. A very important part of our life that makes us feel loved, accompanied and listened to.
  • I help reduce the stress that we usually have and that, over time, can end up becoming chronic stress. Practicing mindfulness and dedicating time helps a lot to rest the mind.
  • It allows us to live life because if we work to earn money but we do not enjoy life this is not worth it. Going on a trip, pampering yourself, going to the amusement park … All this is necessary because not everything is work.

Sometimes, we do not allow ourselves those moments for ourselves or to dedicate ourselves to the people we love. We focus so much on what gives us money, which we forget what is really important.

It is time to change the focus to what really matters.

It is time to stop underestimating the importance of rest and start giving us those moments of relaxation that we deserve so much.

Other areas of our life need attention, affection and quality time. If we do not give it to him, tomorrow we can find ourselves with a big void.

And you? Do you allow yourself to rest?
It is time to change the focus to what really matters.

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