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Make Your Own Worries Box

Make Your Own Worries Box ebuddynews

Our day to day is full of worries and stress,  be it for work, for the relationship with our partner or for another series of circumstances.

Therefore, before this, it may be positive to create a box of concerns.

The worries box is usually a game dynamic that is used a lot with young children. In this way, they are initiated in the management of their emotions and in the prevention of anxiety.

Today we will discover how this can also help adults who, many times, do not stop to reflect on what is generating great discomfort.

The box of worries, a game also for adults

Even if it gives us some repairs, it is necessary that we allow ourselves to make the effort to create our own box of concerns.

Make Your Own Worries Box ebuddynews

We can choose any object to do it. It may even be worth a box or a nice container that you already have.

The interesting thing is that you find it striking and you like it because you will interact a lot with it.

That box is going to be very valuable. In it, you will deposit one by one all the concerns that address you.

However, this is not going to be about writing a concern on a piece of paper and throwing it into the box. You have to do something more elaborate.

What we will keep in our worries box will be a file in which we will have to fill in the following elements:

  • What is it that worries me?
  • What thoughts go through my mind?
  • How I feel?
  • From 1 to 10, how much do you worry?
  • What are things preventing me from doing my concern?
  • Is it something that has happened before?
  • How can I eliminate my worry?

Each and every one of these questions are very important and allow us to reflect a few minutes on what is not so much worrying.

Once you have analyzed your concern and have reached the point of thinking about the different ways in which you can eliminate it, it is time to throw this into your box of concerns.

The importance of making concerns palpable

Make Your Own Worries Box ebuddynews

This “game” we could do it only using our imagination. Think about what worries us, visualize a box and introduce all our worries.

However, our lack of time and also laziness to devote a few minutes to ourselves and analyze what happens to us makes it much better to make concerns something we can touch and see.

In addition, we already know that writing has a very important therapeutic effect. It allows us to release emotions, reflect on what we put on paper and even see everything much clearer.

The moment we have worked with those concerns and put them in the box, this has an effect on us that we do not realize.

We have put an end to those concerns that were approaching us and that were not embittering life. It will allow us to feel liberated from a heavy burden.

Of course, we have to take into account the last question so that all this takes effect.

Concerns that spin without meaning

Make Your Own Worries Box ebuddynews

Making use of the worries box with certain frequency will allow us to free ourselves from all those thoughts that turn in a circle without any sense.

We have become accustomed to not releasing them, to catch them in our minds while they are spinning without there being any possible way out for them to follow their course.

Sometimes, using other techniques such as mindfulness or some type of meditation can be a great help to stop worries from being.

In the moment in which we worry we have tied ourselves to a thought that generates guilt, doubts, possibilities, and expectations …

We become attached to him, while we suffer stress and discomfort. A situation that is in our hands to be able to change and today we already know how to do it.

Are you ready to make your own worries box? With how many will you fill it? This will also allow you to see with your own eyes how much you may be worrying.

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