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Listening to Music at Work Makes You More Productive

Listening to Music at Work Makes You More Productive - eBuddy News

Of all the arts, music is probably the one that most emotions – and faster – awakens. It can drag us to tears or euphoria. Numerous warriors from different cultures of all times have entered into combat singing or inflamed by warlike melodies. The film directors manipulate us with it. Neuroscientists discovered neurotransmitters in the brain causes to discharges dopamine, “the messenger of pleasure”, as do sex or food. Listening to music at work relaxes you, releases stress, and keeps you in a better mood while working.

Music at Work Increases Productivity

According to a study by Kathleen R. Keeler, a doctoral student at the University of the Commonwealth of Virginia (United States), and José M. Cortina, a professor at the School of Business of that institution the productivity of work increases by hearing to the music. This duo of researchers investigated the relationship between the characteristics of music – volume and work performance.

A Playlist for Workers

Playlist for Workers - eBuddynews

The work of Keeler and Cortina concluded that work at music improves productivity and makes workers happier. His study is based on concrete compositions and their influence on employees with different jobs: office, manuals, repetitive or creative.

For example, for simple tasks, work at music is more than a feeling. Boston group created an ideal environment at work by having work music.

Beatless is an appropriate composition for tackling more difficult issues, such as planning or solving problems that require complex reasoning. The explanation is that the style of this famous composition favors cognitive flexibility and memory.

More lively songs, like Paint it black, from the Rolling Stones, are ideal for simple and routine tasks that require a high rhythm of execution, and to put at the top executive attention and the ability to control: repetitive works can hinder concentration, given its boring nature. A piece of rhythmic music that helps to concentrate can avoid misleading.

One of the compositions analyzed in this work is the main theme of the soundtrack of En Busca del Arca Perdida. Its dynamism transmits energy transformed into a greater volume of work completed in less time. According to Cortina, ” music with different characteristics has different effects on emotions and physiology, which affect attention capacity”.

An Exploitable Phenomenon

Music at Work - eBuddynews

The use of music at work motivates and helps the work of employees.

American Company, The Muzak Corporation for the first time found “Functional music”. Environmental music heard in offices and elevators. The “functional music” found in the ’30s after the second world war.

This firm was based on the work of cognitive psychologists. Cognitive psychologists established this type of compositions to be reproduced. The psychologists created music according to the characteristics time of day. The most animated topics were put on the first hour of the day until 10:30 AM in the morning, and again after 3:30 PM.

Shopping malls and supermarkets are most likely to play music in their spaces to inhibit the desire among customers to buy from their stores.

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