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Learn The Major Challenges Of Modern Parenting Faces

Learn The Major Challenges Of Modern Parenting Faces - ebuddynews

One of the most demanding and responsible experiences is to become a parent. Moms and dads as modern parenting live challenges and challenges that respond to the transformations within the current social dynamics.

Although modern parenting is a complex task, the uncertainty generated by covid-19 has increased the difficulty of raising children, adding new challenges and challenges for today’s parents. Mandatory confinement, a product of the pandemic, increased anxiety levels in parents by 58%, adding that 63% of parents of children between the ages of six and 12 are affected by the balance between work at home and parenthood. 

68% of mothers feel that working a lot makes them “bad mothers” by neglecting a little attention to their children. To contextualize this problem and better understand these challenges, specialists developed a study called the Modern Fatherhood Index, where the most significant challenges are specified.

According to the study, the internal and external pressures to maintain a correct upbringing are fatherhood’s greatest challenge. Given how unprepared for the reality of being parents, they feel guilty. 42% of new mothers feel pressured to be perfect mothers. And 70% of fathers believe society judges them because they educate their children. As if that were not enough, 37% of parents consider that their mental well-being was affected due to the pandemic.

Another of the key findings of the Index is the socioeconomic factor. The uncertainty of financial stability in households to support the family and meet basic needs impacts parents’ behavior negatively and mental well-being by increasing their worries and stress levels.

These economic barriers increased because four million people lost their jobs during the pandemic, of which 25% and 30% correspond to women and young people, respectively. Specialists in Pediatrics added that these findings allow us to visualize a clearer picture of the degree of difficulty of parenthood today.

All the psychological burdens and socioeconomic challenges that parents face have to get exacerbated due to the health crisis we are going through. Both moms and dads must be heard and understood by the family, work, and personal environment regarding their problems. And everything that raises healthy children in mental and physical matters.

One of the most appropriate challenges of the research is the change that fatherhood entails with working life and its productivity. 34% of mothers feel less efficient at work since they became mothers. These concerns become more evident during maternity and paternity leave, causing fear of being replaced or relegated during this period.

The Paternity Index is complemented to parents by indicators such as Pedagogy on paternity, Safe social contexts for their children, Shared upbringing, and the changing role of fathers in upbringing.

Given the tensions and main findings of the research, it offers a series of content developed by experts that help manage the situations and challenges that parents face today.

The advice revolves around all the stages within the experience of being parents: pregnancy, nausea, colic, gestation, breastfeeding, feeding; to factors to take into account when choosing a daycare, situations such as managing separation anxiety, building confidence in parenting, and how to deal with social pressures, among others. 

In these times, forming physically and emotionally healthy babies and happy families depends on various factors, and finding a correct balance between them is part of the success of parenting.

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