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Ideas To Make Your Own Bookshelf At Home

Ideas For Make Your Own Bookshelf At Home ebuddynews

A shelf of books is a crucial element when it comes to maintaining order and taking advantage of the walls of the home. That is why, nowadays, people are encouraged, increasingly, to make their shelves more beautiful and creative.

Many times the options to organize our home are few to us before the amount of objects that we store. That is why every piece of furniture (or structure) that allows us a greater organization occupying less space will always be welcome.

The books are precious objects that must know to be placed for their correct conservation. After all, they can not be placed anywhere.

They can be affected by humidity, insects, among other factors. On the other hand, if we do not place them well, they can break the spine, beat the corners, and so on.

Once we designate the place to place them, we have to keep in mind how we like them to look. Will we organize them by color, alphabetical order, size, edition, gender? Will we leave them lying horizontally or do we prefer to display them vertically?

A good bookshelf is ideal to fulfill the purpose of organizing our books in a pleasant and useful way.

In fact, they allow us to add some objects, to accompany our books and beautify the space. From vases to small ornamental figures.

A ledge of books, many styles

A shelf of books consists of the superposition of elements fixed to the wall, which allow you to place various objects on them. Your style and manner of elaboration will depend on the materials with which you count.

In this opportunity, we present two styles of bookshelves, whose designs will allow you to save a lot of space in your home.

1. Classic bookshelf

Ideas For Make Your Own Bookshelf At Home ebuddynews

This type of shelf is very simple but highly functional. An example of a classic shelf is the one made with supports or called the foot of friends. For its execution you will need:

  • 1 drill.
  • Screws
  • 1 ruler or tape measure.
  • 1 package of ramplús (of the width of the screws to be used).
  • 1 pair of supports or friend’s foot (can be made of wood or metal).
  • 1 wooden board 15 cm deep by 1 meter long.

The procedure for its installation is very simple. You just have to choose the wall on which you will place the shelf. Once selected, mark on it the measures in which you would like to place the shelf. For this, you will use the tape measure or rule.

Make sure that the marks are equidistant. Then, with a pencil, mark the position of the supports on the wall, taking advantage of marking the position where you will screw them.

On the marks where the supports will be screwed, open the respective holes with the drill. Then insert the ramplús and place the brackets by screwing them to the wall.

Check your stability and position. If it’s the right one, just leave the wooden board over them and that’s it. You already have your shelf installed (If you want more steps just repeat the procedure as many times as you require).

2. Floating bookshelf

Ideas For Make Your Own Bookshelf At Home ebuddynews

This style of bookshelf has invisible or hidden supports to the sight, which gives the impression that it will float “in the air” on the wall; which gives a sensation of considerably greater amplitude.

For the preparation of this type of shelf you will need the following materials and tools:

  • Pencil.
  • Brush.
  • Drill four.
  • White paint.
  • White glue.
  • 12 4 cm nails
  • 1 ruler or tape measure.
  • 8 long screws (6 cm).
  • 1 wooden strip 1 meter long and 4cm x 4 cm thick (mark it as # 1).
  • 1 wooden board 1 meter long, 15 cm deep and 2 cm thick (mark it as # 2).
  • 1 wooden strip of 1.04 meters long, 4 cm deep and 2 cm thick (mark it as # 3).
  • 2 wooden slats 15 cm long, 4 cm deep and 2 cm thick (mark it as # 4 and # 5).

Now, organize the materials and proceed to select the wall that you will use as a support. Mark on it the position and height of the shelf. To do this, it takes the marking strip as # 1, which will serve as a support rail for the shelf.

Verify that it is not inclined, its position must be totally horizontal. On this line make 4 marks every 25 cm as an indication of where the screws fixed to the wall will go.

Take table # 2 and place the strips # 4 and # 5 at the ends, rub white paste on one side and join table # 1, then fix it with 3 nails at a distance of 5 cm each.

Then take the ribbon marked # 3 and place it by the front edge of table # 2 repeating the same procedure of the sides, with the difference that the nails will go at a distance of 20 cm one from the other.

In this step you will have the board with its three edges, 2 sides and a front, it is time to take the brush and paint it on all its white faces , also paint the # 1 rail that will serve as a rail.

With the drill open the holes in the wall and in the # 1 strip and proceed to fix it on the wall with the ramplús and the screws.

Once this is done, fix table # 2 with its edges on the rail by screwing it in 4 points at 20 cm distance each. And voila, you already have your floating ledge installed!

A bookshelf can be as original as we wish. Everything depends on our taste and the type of decoration we have. Regardless of what we decide, this element will always be functional, so we should not limit ourselves.

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