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How To Detect If Your Child Is The Bully And Bullying To Others?

How To Detect If Your Child Is The Bully And Bullying To Others - ebuddynews

To against bullying, we want to appeal to the educational communities, families, and students since we are all part of the solution to end bullying in schools and classrooms. It is a very sensitive issue for parents before we get answers to questions that concern us, such as how we can detect bullying or even how to learn if your child is the bully. We must analyze the bullying triangle. An increasingly used term that is important to understand to stop bullying.

In a nutshell, they are the people involved: victims, bullies, and bystanders. The latter, especially when they are minors, are usually silent out of fear or because they are enjoying themselves in one way or another. But it is valuable to make the whole of society aware, and especially the little ones, that it is best to talk about it and not look the other way. Therefore, we have to be attentive to the reactions of the class. To the relationships between the students themselves and want to get involved.

In addition, both parents and teachers must work on awareness and prevention among equals, setting examples and working on it from an early age. And above all, work on empathy, which is one of the essential values ​​to stand up to bullying. If we see something that we would not like to do with our family or friends, it is clear that it is not well.

However, working on empathy is not enough. Parents must know how to detect if their child is suffering from bullying. We know that sometimes it is difficult. We give you five relevant recommendations to know if the little ones in the house suffer from bullying: if your child isolates himself, makes excuses for not going to school, stops eating, is sad or irritable, and becomes listless. In this situation, the fundamental thing is to seek professional help so that the little face this situation with the necessary tools. And two crucial points in these cases are to give support, since no one deserves to get harassed, and, above all, to promote self-esteem.

Another useful element often left in the experience is when you detect your child as a bully. Families must follow guidelines to detect it and deal with it effectively. Some of the signs that can help us do this are when they come from school with things you have not seen before, such as toys, clothing, or even money. Another aspect that can help us detect this behavior is when they are cruel to others, even at home.

If you, as a parent, discover that your child is the bully, they may get panic or deny it, so it is essential to be silent and get to know what to do. First, you have to talk to him, help him understand that others suffer, and, above all, go to a professional and not use violent behavior at home. But unfortunately, in some events, the child who is a bully outside the home because he is the guy who bullies at home.

In short, teachers are fundamental pieces to ending the scourge of bullying. Still, it is not in our power to do anything else on many occasions. Our hands are tied, so we call for the creation of anti-bullying commissions in all departments of education to go to the centers and take an interest in each case.

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