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How Many Watts Does A Portable Air Conditioner Use

How Many Watts Does A Portable Air Conditioner Use - eBuddy News

To beat the hot summer climates, you need to have an air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable. Any air conditioner uses electricity to send warm air outside your room or house and make your home cooler. As every cooler uses electricity, it is important to know how many watts of power air conditioners consume. The watts used by coolers will have an impact on your monthly electricity bill and also on the carbon footprint of your house. Read on to know more about how many watts a portable air conditioner uses and how to track the usage.

What Is Watt?

Watt is the power transfer rate measure, and One Watt equals one joule per second. Your electricity bill is mentioned as Kilowatts per hour, which means you are billed for the number of watts you have used for the whole month. Air conditioners use electricity to transfer heat out of your home. When heat is transferred out of your home, humidity condenses out of the cooled air. The higher the air conditioner’s cooling capacity, the more watts of power it uses.

Difference Between Amps And Watts

Amp is used to know the quantity of power or current drawn from the source, and on the other side, the watt is a measurement of power. The number of watts consumed is calculated by multiplying the correct amount of amps with voltage.

Portable Air Cooler Wattage

A portable air conditioner can still consume electricity in watts even in standing mode while still connected to the power supply. For portable air coolers, the wattage ranges from 754 to 1480 watts. On average, the usage is 1175.6 watts, while the user might be 1500 watts in full running condition and standing condition, the usage is 1 watt.

The electricity consumption is also dependent on the BTU (British Thermal Unit) of the appliances. Take a look at the consumption.

  • 8000 BTU – 940 watts
  • 9000 BTU – 1060 watts
  • 10000 BTU – 1180 watts
  • 11000 BTU – 1300 watts
  • 12000 BTU – 1410 watts

What Makes Portable AC Consume More Power?

Here are some of the factors that are responsible for portable AC to consume more power

1. Water Leaks

Water leaks in the cooler can impact the cooling of a portable cooler. Like all other air conditioners, portable coolers condense warm water into the cool water, and water vapor is also formed. The excess water or moisture should be collected in the reservoir without human intervention. If there are water leaks, then there is a possibility that the cooler will not be able to cool air. If there are leakages in the cooler, it is necessary to find the possible solution to the problems immediately.

2. Incorrect Settings

An increase in power consumption of any cooler can be related to incorrect settings. Many users take advantage of the automated process of cooling function, which might lead to airflow gaps. The good start for any cooler is 78 ° F and, if necessary, go lower in small increments.

3. Unclean Filters

Normally air coolers collect warm air from outside to convert into cool air, and unclean substances can also be collected. The filters present in the coolers block the dust and other particles. The filter component collects all the dust over time, so it is necessary to clean the filter to enjoy the cool and fresh air.

Tracking Watt Usage Of Air Conditioner

There are a couple of ways to track the watt usage of your portable air cooler. A simple, smart electric meter can be used to know the watt usage during a cooling cycle, and you get the reading of how many watts were used per minute. The second way is to use an app corresponding to a smart thermostat, describing electricity usage, cooling cycles, etc.

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