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Five Tips To Improve Fertility On Your Own

Five Tips To Improve Fertility On Your Own ebuddynews

When a couple wants to have a baby, they want this to happen as soon as possible. For this, they opt for different methods to achieve their goal. Then the question arises, is it possible to improve fertility on our own?

The answer is yes. Everything we decide to do for our health, with conscience and responsibility, is beneficial. In the case that we want to improve fertility, it is important to take into account that several factors can influence the achievement of a healthy pregnancy.

1. Maintain a good body mass index

Five Tips To Improve Fertility On Your Own ebuddynews

The extremes are harmful. Both extreme thinness and overweight. Both can reduce the chance of getting pregnant because your body experiences several associated disorders. You can experience situations ranging from hormonal alterations to early diabetes or heart problems.

The ideal to improve fertility is that your body mass index is appropriate for your constitution. If you have any doubt, go with your doctor or a nutritionist to evaluate you and provide you with the necessary tools.

2. Eat healthy and varied

Five Tips To Improve Fertility On Your Own ebuddynews

Something basic to both improve fertility and ensure that the health of the baby is good is food. Make sure you consume the right amounts of the nutrients your body needs: vitamins (especially B, C, and D), minerals (such as iron and zinc), proteins, fats.

When your diet is healthy, and your weight is correct, the menstrual cycle is regulated.  Do not forget to check with your doctor if you should include an additional supplement to improve your fertility (and your health, in general) even more.

You must pay close attention to protein-rich foods. If your diet is low in protein, you could have more problems to achieve a pregnancy. Therefore, include this nutrient in all your meals, but prepared in a healthy way (steamed, cooked, boiled, baked) and avoids saturated fats.

3. Watch what you drink and the amounts

Five Tips To Improve Fertility On Your Own ebuddynews

Do you drink a lot of alcohol? How often do you drink coffee? If you are looking to improve fertility it is important that you watch the amounts you ingest from these two drinks in your daily intake.

Alcohol alters estrogen levels. This makes it difficult for the fertilized egg to implant correctly in the uterus. Ideally, you should completely eliminate alcohol consumption from the moment you plan a pregnancy and until your baby is born.

Excess caffeine alters your hormonal levels and makes it difficult to conceive a pregnancy. We suggest you leave the coffee  (or at least reduce the amount you drink every day) and, instead, drink teas, herbal teas or infusions to improve fertility. Opt for decaffeinated coffee. Drink, at most, two cups per day.

4. Avoid pesticides

Five Tips To Improve Fertility On Your Own ebuddynews

Although pesticides and herbicides are of great help to improve crops, humans can cause certain damages. When you are looking to improve fertility, it is important that you wash all your food  (fruit, vegetables, and greens) well before cooking or eating them.

Pesticides affect reproductive health. In the case of men, it can cause low sperm count and decrease its quality. In contrast, alterations in hormone levels can occur in women. This complicates the implantation of the ovule.

A good precaution would be to opt for “bio products” before and during pregnancy. Another option is to create your own garden if the space of your home allows it.

5. Leave tobacco

Five Tips To Improve Fertility On Your Own ebuddynews

We have already said many times that tobacco is harmful to health, in general. If you still do not convince yourself, you should know that tobacco toxins damage the ovules, prevent fertilization and complicate the implantation of the fertilized egg.

For men, the snuff decreases the quality of sperm. This may involve a low sperm count or that the sperm has been structurally damaged. Usually, by quitting tobacco and taking some medications, sperm improves and re-establishes normal amounts.

Yes you can improve fertility

Five Tips To Improve Fertility On Your Own ebuddynews

In short, getting pregnant is a process that can be affected by several circumstances. The important thing is to understand that achieving this depends to a large extent on your habits and lifestyle. Do you think you are doing everything to increase your chances of getting pregnant?

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