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Comparison Differences And Advantages Of Ballpoint Vs. Rollerball

Comparison Differences And Advantages Of Ballpoint Vs. Rollerball - ebuddynews

When we are going to buy a pen, surely the question arises: about ballpoint vs. rollerball, what is the difference between and what to buy? For those who still like letters or diaries, there is the ideal pen that allows you to write long theses or gives a touch of elegance to your texts. 

Ballpoint Vs. Rollerball: Choose Your Favorite

Like all great inventions of human engineering, writing has also evolved by adding new materials and mechanisms. How much have you heard about ballpoint or rollerball?

Back in 1888, an invention was patented that would change the skill of writers: the ballpoint pen could write on different surfaces such as wood and leather. However, it was too rough to write letters.

The main feature of these pens is that they have a metal ball that receives the ink and rotates to write on the paper. It is the most used writing instrument in the world and can be refillable or disposable.

Following the path of evolution and great inventions, in 1963, a Japanese company called Ohto introduced rollerball pens with liquid ink. They called it ‘gel,’ which provides a smoother writing experience compared to the ink used in ballpoints.

The line produced by a rollerball pen is thinner and more vivid because gel ink can create a greater range of colors thanks to its water base. It allows it to combine with more pigments and even obtain a touch of glitter.

Ballpoint Vs. Rollerball: Which One Will Conquer Your Grades?

The main difference between these two great competitors is the ink. The ballpoint uses oil-based ink, and the rollerball pens have water-based ink that produces different styles.

Water-based inks are more fluid, allowing for a smoother writing experience, but oil-based inks are less likely to dry out. What do you prefer?

As a result of these types of inks, ballpoints often have a click mechanism to expose the tip and start writing, unlike rollerballs which often need a cap for protection.

Because their ink dries instantly, ballpoints are recommended for official documents, while rollerballs are perfect for small writing jobs or to give details to some drawings.

Pros And Cons Of Ballpoint And Rollerball

Pros Of Rollerball

  • Smooth, fluid, and continuous writing.
  • More variety of tips.
  • When writing or drawing, you have to apply less pressure.

Cons Of Rollerball

  • Ink can bleed through the paper if a very thin paper is used.
  • They dry out faster if not stored properly.
  • The life of the charge is shorter.

Pros Of Ballpoint

  • Its ink is more accepted when making tests or official documents.
  • The ink completely does not run through the paper.
  • The ink dries fast in fine lines.
  • The useful life is greater since the refill takes longer to dry.

Cons Of Ballpoint

  • When writing, you have to apply more pressure.
  • The ink is thicker and stickier, often leaving residue.
  • Writing is less fluid.

Have You Found Your Favorite Pen Yet?

As you will discover, the contest of ballpoint vs. rollerball is not just more than an excuse because we can use them for different times depending on your needs. If you are one of the people who love to have a pen for every special occasion, then you have to choose correctly and carry both.

Perfect pens for office and school notes or rollerballs that will help you decorate the pages of your notebook: In the market, you will find a wide variety of products that will surprise you with their colors, the beauty of their designs, and the variety of their stitches.

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