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Can You Bring Shampoo On The Plane With You?

Can You Bring Shampoo On The Plane With You - ebuddynews

You may have a favorite dry shampoo that you struggled to find for your hair type and want to have the product with you on the go. Well, especially when it comes to sensitive skin, we rely on familiar hygiene products instead of trying new ones or relying on free hotel shampoos and soaps.

However, as you know, traveling by plane requires compliance with specific regulations. For example, you cannot transport many objects on board for security reasons. Others are restricted to small quantities, depending on whether in the cabin or the aircraft’s hold. Thus, many doubts arise, and one of the frequent questions is: can you bring dry shampoo on the plane?

Yes, you can carry dry shampoo on the plane in both checked and hand luggage. You can transport the dry shampoo without quantity limits in the suitcase checked in the hold. However, in cabin suitcases, restrictions apply to allowed liquids (Aena); the liquid shampoo must go in a container of 100 ml maximum. Therefore, a good alternative to take on board is the solid shampoo that is authorized without limitations.

You Can Only Carry 100 ml Per Liquid Maximum

You will first have to assess whether we will check the bag. Depending on your answer, you will have to carry one type of luggage or another. Thus, if we decide to take a cabin suitcase, you will have to consider that the amount of liquid you transport will have to be monitored. That is why liquids, perfumes, creams, aerosols, foams, gels, shampoo, and toothpaste must have a 100 ml maximum capacity.

Can You Bring Dry shampoo On The Plane With You?

That is why it will be important to consider this aspect, especially to save us from having to open the suitcase during the control to throw the product away. But what happens, for example, with dry shampoos, which usually go in a bottle but are not liquid?

Therefore, you can carry 500 ml shampoo without any problem, as long as all the content complies with the measurements and weight allowed in the aircraft hold.

The truth is that since it is not in liquid format, they can be carried without any problem. Also, most brands sell it in small bottles, usually weighing less than 100 ml. Thus, you will not have to worry about anything. 

The Shampoo Bar Is Also A Good Option To Avoid Having Any Problems

In addition, if you want to avoid any problems during transport, you can also opt for a shampoo bar. These are respectful of the environment and easy to carry from one place to another. In addition, they will foam the hair. They will be perfect for those occasions when we can only carry a little liquid and want a professional result.

Also, another option will be to avoid bringing shampoo and wait to buy it at the destination where we will stay. Another possibility is to get shampoo at the airport once you have passed the security control.

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