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8 Reasons For Why You Have Brittle Nails

8 Reasons For Why You Have Brittle Nails ebuddynews

The care of the nails has become one of the inevitable habits of beauty routine, not only because they are a complement to our look, but because their appearance can make a first impression when we relate to other people.

To meet the need to keep them healthy, the cosmetics industry has developed a wide variety of treatments and products that, applied in a habitual way, avoid its weakening.

Despite this, many have difficulties to look beautiful and healthy, since they ignore that the practice of some habits has a negative influence on their condition.

For this reason, before spending on expensive treatments, the ideal is to identify what causes their deterioration and why they tend to be brittle.

Discover 8 habitual reasons.

1. Remove the enamels inappropriately

8 Reasons For Why You Have Brittle Nails ebuddynews

The application of nail polish is a way to embellish them with different designs and colors. However, many are used to removing the enamel with their teeth or peeling it when it starts to fall.

This practice, which may seem harmless, alters the surface layer that protects its internal structure and, as a result, breakage occurs.

  • The ideal is to use suitable enamel removers, verifying that their chemical composition is not harmful to the nails.

2. You usually bite them

8 Reasons For Why You Have Brittle Nails ebuddynews

For obvious reasons, the bad habit of biting the nails is one of the reasons for breaking.

Although for some people it is a method to channel anxiety and stress, its practice produces deformations in the structure of the nails and serious infections.

This deteriorates the natural enamel that covers the surface of the nail and, if that were not enough, it hinders its natural growth.

3. You do not wear gloves to protect yourself

8 Reasons For Why You Have Brittle Nails ebuddynews

Although we tend to overlook it, the handling of cleaning chemicals is detrimental to the health of our nails.

Many of their components affect their natural enamel and produce alterations in the cuticles that protect them.

  • It is important to use protective gloves when performing housework, especially when handling detergents, bleaches and similar products.

4. You use the nails as a tool

Although they are in our hands and can facilitate some tasks, the nails should not be a work tool.

By striving to take off labels, open containers or other tasks, its structure weakens and increase the chances of breakages.

  • Try to use other elements to perform these tasks and, if possible, protect them with gloves so as not to expose them.

5. Do not hydrate them

8 Reasons For Why You Have Brittle Nails ebuddynews

Do your nails look dull and dry? Watch out! The dehydration can also quickly turn them brittle.

As with the skin, the nails should be hydrated constantly to grow healthy and reduce the aggressions they suffer in the environment.

  • Apply moisturizing cream to its surface and, additionally, increase water consumption.

6. You pay attention to the cuticles

8 Reasons For Why You Have Brittle Nails ebuddynews

The cuticles are an essential part of the health of the nails since it allows to protect them against external agents.

In spite of this, some people detract attention when they provide treatments to the nails or, in severe cases, remove them with nail clippers and tweezers.

  • Ideally, keep them hydrated with appropriate products.
  • To eliminate dead cells that accumulate in your surroundings, the use of cuticle removers is recommended.

7. Abuse of gel nails

8 Reasons For Why You Have Brittle Nails ebuddynews

The excessive use of gel hairpieces can have negative consequences on the structure of the nails.

Although they help to achieve a sophisticated and lasting manicure, important nutrients are lost during its elimination.

  • It is essential to use them only with the help of a professional and, when removing them, use appropriate products so as not to affect the natural nail.

8. The limes inappropriately

8 Reasons For Why You Have Brittle Nails ebuddynews

The nail files are a good tool to mold them if we know how to use them correctly.

The problem is that some use them to clean their surface, ignoring that this can cause weakening, breakage, and infections.

On the other hand, looking for a square style, some exaggerate when filing their sides and end up wearing away important parts of the structure.

  • If you do not know how to file them well, ask for the help of a professional manicurist.

Can not you keep your nails strong and long? It is likely that you are committing one or more of the errors mentioned.

If so, try to correct them and be more careful when you are offering them some treatment.

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