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7 Tips to Keep More Clean And Organized At Home

7 Tips to Keep More Clean And Organized At Home ebuddynews

The disorder goes beyond if we leave things lying in a corner. It is a “philosophy of life” that can often lead to confusion and tension.

Therefore, in the following article, we will give you some tips to be more clean and organized at home. These tips can be transferred to other areas, such as work.

Disorder is a learned behavior

For some people being disorderly is an advantage since they do not have to spend hours and hours accommodating. Also, within your disorganization, you can find things faster.

However, in order to have the house fixed, get along better with our family or even be more efficient, it is always better to put the objects in their place.

The mind needs the order to be able to think better. Therefore, if we have an office or a desk full of papers, folders and books it will be easier to blur or not pay attention to what we owe.

Being more clean and organized at home or at work has many advantages. Of course, it is a habit that we must change and it will take time and effort, but then the rewards are seen.

There is nothing more beautiful than arriving at our home and everything is where it belongs, that when visitors arrive we do not have to “hide” half of the objects in a closet or that, if we sit on the sofa, our sight does not have to perch on dozens of things thrown or stacked in a corner.

The organization takes time. That nobody can deny it.

However, once we get used to it, we can be more organized in any field. We will even release the tensions and feel less stressed.

Tips to be more clean and organized at home

Next weekend you can take a few hours to sort your house and leave it as new. Of course, then you must maintain the habit, but when you see how beautiful it is you will want to make an effort not to mess up anything.

1. Start with a single place

7 Tips to Keep More Clean And Organized At Home ebuddynews

If you want your home to be perfect you can not order all the rooms at the same time.

Start with a specific space, such as the living room, which is the area we first see when entering (or the kitchen according to the layout of the house).

  • Check the objects that are out of place and place them where appropriate.
  • Take the things that are from other environments to your specific sites. And then you’ll take care of them when you go to the next room.

2. Define a place for everything

Only utensils and food go in the kitchen; in the library, books and magazines; in the closet, clothes and footwear … The good thing about determining a specific site for each object is that later it will be easier to find it.

If you need a coat, look for it in the dressing room, not on the sofa! That will save you a lot of time when you go in a hurry and do not find what you want.

3. Follow an organization order

7 Tips to Keep More Clean And Organized At Home ebuddynews

You can also make a plan within each environment. For example, putting laundry together in a basket and taking it to the washing machine; place the garbage in a bag; to make the bed; keep clean clothes in the closet; order shelves or furniture, etc.

If you follow an order in each room it will be much easier. Do not forget that to be more organized a certain strategy is required. That way you will not spend all weekend accommodating.

4. Throw things you do not use

Surely you have many objects that no longer serve, that are old or that, for some reason, stopped being necessary.

This is a good time to throw them in the trash, take them for the repair or donate them to an institution.

Accumulation is one of the triggers of disorder since what does not have a specific place ends up on the floor, on a chair or in a corner.

5. Clean just dirty

7 Tips to Keep More Clean And Organized At Home ebuddynews

One of the rules for an orderly household would be: “pick up what you use. Wash what you dirty. Accommodate what you mess up. ” And it should be fulfilled by all the members of the family.

Once the house is clean and everything is in place, keeping in that state can be the most difficult. However,  everything is a matter of changing habits and understanding the benefits of the organization.

6. Use boxes or filing cabinets

Many times we have objects that we do not want to throw away or donate because they have a sentimental value or because they are not used too much, although they may be necessary.

A good way to avoid hanging around is to buy decorated boxes or use some other objects (for example, appliances).

Do not forget to label them with a label to know what they have inside. Then you can store them under the bed, in the top of the closet, in the garage of the car or on a shelf.

7. Buy some furniture

7 Tips to Keep More Clean And Organized At Home ebuddynews

Perhaps the problem of clutter is that you do not have enough places to store things.

This does not mean that you should fill the house with furniture, or that the furniture is the perfect excuse to continue buying unnecessary objects.

However, you may solve the problem of stacking or that everything is “insight”.

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