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6 Modern Parenting Challenges When You Have A Children

6 Modern Parenting Challenges When You Have A Children - ebuddynews

Being a mom and dad is a big challenge. Transformation of your life and a series of concerns come to your mind about how to raise that little being that totally depends on you. We are more or less at all times making up for the unfamiliar state of affairs. However, how about if you take a few minutes to evaluate some modern parenting challenges that will come to you with your baby’s arrival?

6 Modern Parenting Challenges

According to the 2021 Modern Parenting Index prepared, based on the opinion of more than 8,000 mothers and fathers of babies from 0 to 12 months in 16 countries, parents face these main challenges.

1. A hyper-Connected World

Around 32% of new parents said that, despite living in a world where friends and family were just a WhatsApp message away, it is very common to feel that they are alone with the baby. It is because parenting has continual doubts.

2. Guilt: The Biggest Parenting Challenge

45% agreed that new parents take on a lot of blame which has a long-term impact.

The main factors that lead to guilt are going back to work, leaving the children in someone else’s care, and not knowing if they are good parents.

3. Peer Pressure

51% of those surveyed said they felt watched and under a lot of pressure about how to raise children.

4. Unsolicited Advice

60% of those surveyed said they felt that everyone had an opinion on how to raise children.

5. Unexpected Realities

31% said that they were not ready for the reality of being a mom or dad, and they were shocked. 53% recognized that it is more work than they expected.

6. Co-Parenting

Of the fathers and mothers surveyed, 62% believe that men are more involved in the care of their children than previous generations. There is still room for refinement in this area, with only 49% stating that childcare responsibilities are shared equally between the mother and her partner.

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