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6 Best Pumpkin Decorating Ideas 2022 Halloween

6 Best Pumpkin Decorating Ideas 2022 Halloween - ebuddynews

One of the terrifying days on the calendar is approaching, but can you imagine a different Halloween? Put a soft touch on this Halloween 2022 night with many pumpkin decorating ideas at your house and show them off all year! As in American movies, more and more families dedicate these days to empty pumpkins, cutting them with terrifying faces and putting a candle inside. But we suggest you go beyond those already classic candlesticks and turn pumpkins into top decorative objects. Let’s do it!

It’s pumpkin season, not just the orange ones, and there are endless varieties with very different shapes, tones, and flavors. They are essential in autumn decoration. You can place them above the fireplace or entrance, transform them into pots or use them as a centerpiece.

Ideas For Pumpkin Decorating For Halloween 2022

1. Pumpkins As Your Door

Pumpkins At Your Door - ebuddynews

To let ghosts and skeletons know where your house is, decorate the door with clues. Create a small path with pumpkins: this way, they will not go to call the wrong place. If you live in an apartment, a couple of them will be enough to indicate which one is yours. One of the best ideas is decorating the door as a giant pumpkin. Line the outside of the door with orange patent paper. Cut out of gold paper a triangle for the eye, another for the nose, and a half circle with squares cut out to serve as a toothless mouth. Paste them on the orange paper, slightly crooked to give the impression that a giant pumpkin is peeking out of your house, and presto!

2. Pumpkins Are A Tin

Pumpkins Are A Tin - ebuddynews

But in the literal sense. If it is not easy to get pumpkins, empty them, place a candle inside, and create the same effect with a can.

Please put it in hot water so that the label comes off, paint it orange or white, and make holes in the shape of eyes, nose, and mouth. The tin face will light up like a pumpkin when you put a candle inside. To make this craft here, you have the step-by-step of these original candle holders for Halloween.

3. Pumpkins With A Lot Of Class

Pumpkins With A Lot Of Class - ebuddynews

If you prefer to add a touch of glamour, get inspired by this idea: take orange pumpkins or paint them white and decorate them with black lace. You can weave them yourself or buy them already made. We can find at any eCommerce site that they have a perfect kit with various lace tapes and models.

4. Traditional Halloween Pumpkins

Traditional Halloween Pumpkins - ebuddynews

The task of emptying a pumpkin is a matter of practice. Cut the top lid with a spoon, remove the pulp flush with the skin and then put the lid back on. This task is essential if you want to place a candle inside and let the light of the flame filter through openwork eyes and mouth.

5. Pumpkins With Horror Stories

Pumpkins With Horror Stories - ebuddynews

What better time than what is known as the night of fear to tell terrifying stories by candlelight? Set the room with several literary pumpkins. We emulate Hamlet and recite pumpkin in hand, some terrifying verses. We paint the pumpkins with a coat of paint, then decorates them with stickers. You can also order the text you want. Draw the silhouette of a crow on black Aironfix, cut it out, and glue it, adapting it well to the grooves of your piece.

6. Designed Pumpkins

Designed Pumpkins - ebuddynews

All you need is some acrylic paint and a few yards of painter’s tape to create any of these designs. Apply a layer of paint on the pumpkin, and once dry, place the masking tape, creating the shapes you want. Repeat the operation with as many colors as you want to incorporate.

Pumpkins are the quintessential autumn decorative element, and such is their charm that we cannot imagine this season without them. Its forms and uses are multiple, some make pumpkin pie, and some embroider this fruit on cushions or blankets. Some are orange, others green or yellow, and the most indecisive take on various colors to make themselves show off.

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