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5 Basic Tips To Control The Nervous

5 Basic Tips To Control The Nervous ebuddynews

At certain times of the year (for example, in December) or life (before a wedding, in a move, etc.) it is more common to feel anxiety and nervousness.

Is it possible to enjoy a “vacation mode” mental state at all times? For this, we recommend the following strategies to control the nervous.

Control the nervous in the XXI century

Although we do not want it, it seems that life is determined to alter us. We are stressed, irritable, angry with everyone …

The maelstrom of each day does not allow us to calm down or stop a minute to reconsider, lower the revolutions and the heartbeat.

The only time we can rest with all the letters is during the holidays.

5 Basic Tips To Control The Nervous ebuddynews

And sometimes that does not even happen because two weeks is very little time to fully unplug all the stress we have accumulated during the year.

Or maybe you could control the nervous while you were lying in front of the sea but, the first day you return “to real life,” the Zen state stays between the waves and the sand.

Could it be that it is easier for human beings to be nervous than to remain calm?

It is true that our mind is restless and that it needs to explore continuously, but from there to not being able to sleep or fight with everyone there is a great distance.

It is therefore essential to know how to control the nervous before any situation that may happen: an examination, a job interview, the breakdown of a household appliance, being late for work due to a problem in the meter or an increase in the electricity bill.

Tips to control the nervous

Even if you think it’s normal to live from here to there, that’s not good for your mental or physical health. Therefore, today more than ever you must learn how to control nervous and anxiety.

Keep in mind the following tips:

1. Identify what makes you nervous

5 Basic Tips To Control The Nervous ebuddynews

It may be that your boss speaks to you in a certain way or asks you for specific tasks, that your colleagues do not agree with a job or that the traffic is increasingly chaotic in the city where you live.

Once you recognize what the things that “get on your nervous are” it will be easier to handle them.

  • If you already know that a meeting with your boss is a stressful situation, you can be predisposed to the discussion or the solution.
  • So that traffic jams on the highway are not a problem, you’ll have to take another road or leave home earlier.

2. Breathe

5 Basic Tips To Control The Nervous ebuddynews

In relation to the previous point, a good technique so that anxiety or nervous do not take over you is able to breathe consciously.

What does that mean? That you can control how the air enters and leaves your lungs.

Maybe you have not noticed but when we are too stressed the breathing becomes more shallow, choppy and difficult.

If at that moment we close your eyes and inhale deeply several times we can control certain emotions. It is perfect to avoid a discussion or a sentence from which we can later regret.

  • Conscious or deep breathing tells the brain that everything is going wonderfully and that you do not have to worry.
  • We also recommend that you do not wait for a stressful situation to start to breathe better, but that you take it as a habit change that will turn you into a more serene person.

3. Put aside the pressures

5 Basic Tips To Control The Nervous ebuddynews

Sometimes nervous appear when we demand too much. We hope everything goes perfect and that takes away our sleep and tranquility. We do not accept failure or mistakes, and maybe for that reason, we do not allow ourselves to be reassured.

Of course, this does not mean to avoid giving the best of ourselves, but we do accept that, sometimes, things do not go as we expect.

Instead of asking you the question: what can go wrong? Change it for what will be good? Even in the face of bad news or experiences, we can find wisdom and learning.

4. Do not worry about what you cannot handle

5 Basic Tips To Control The Nervous ebuddynews

There is an Arabic saying that says: “If the problem has a solution, why do you worry? And if the problem has no solution, why worry? ” .

There are many events that are not in our power to change, improve or control. And, paradoxically, they are the most nervous about us.

It rains the day of your wedding, there is an accident on the road, or your colleague gets sick before an important meeting is fortuitous events, and you must learn how to deal with them in the best way.

5. Take contact with nature

5 Basic Tips To Control The Nervous ebuddynews

Sitting in a park, going to the countryside and hearing the birds singing, walking along the seashore are all activities recommended controlling nervous.

The contact with nature has an almost “magical” and inexplicable effect.

Perhaps because it allows us to return to a more pure and true state, or because it is an encounter with Mother Earth. The truth is that these famous “escapes” to a place outside the city impressively recharge our batteries.

The walks through the forest or the mountain, the walks near coves and cliffs and the stays of more than one night in places where there is no light or hearing pollution are fundamental to not feeling so nervous.

You can take advantage of the weekends and not just wait for the holidays to enjoy this great benefit.

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