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4 Signs Which Tells You Why You Are Not Happy In Relationship

4 Signs Which Tells You Why You Are Not Happy In Relationship

Many times we complain saying “I’m not happy with my partner” when, in fact, we would have to analyze what we are doing wrong in the relationship.

Perhaps, we have forgotten that the relationships of the pair have to work them. For the simple and pure love does not serve to carry them out, but it requires an effort and desire, for our part, considerable.

Unhappiness sometimes lurks in loving relationships, but instead of whining or starting to panic, it is necessary to stop to check what is really happening.

The reasons why you are not happy in relationship

4 Signs Which Tells You Why You Are Not Happy In Relationship

There are several reasons why you are no longer happy with my partner. Maybe you blame the lack of passion, that infidelity that the other committed or the discussion in which you disrespected.

However, there are some causes that we do not pay attention to, perhaps because they are much deeper and require a more thorough analysis.

Let’s look at some of them.

1. You do not accept that You feel a grudge

If my partner has been unfaithful to me, you may have forgiven her, however, inside in you self-deceiving. you have not forgiven her at all, you feel a grudge.

This can be one of the reasons why you are not happy with your partner and the way to solve it is to accept what you feel.

Are You angry? Do you feel rancor? you do not have to be self-deceived, it’s better to accept what you feel.

2. You find it hard to recognize that we do not handle conflicts well

In every relationship, there are differences that give rise to discussions and conflicts. However, this should not be a problem, as long as we know how to manage them properly.

4 Signs Which Tells You Why You Are Not Happy In Relationship

Do you listen to the other person? Do you always want to be right? Do you throw things at you about your past? All this can be a reason why you are no longer happy with your partner.

It is important that we learn to be assertive in relationships. We must always respect the other while we give our opinion on a topic or negotiate about it.

The essential thing is that in the end an agreement is reached in which each of the parties is in agreement with the decided and resolved.

Moreover, a conflict should never be left “for another day”. It must be resolved as soon as possible without delay. This way we will remove it and the relationship will be strengthened.

3. Passion is gone

Although we sometimes attach little importance to sex, it influences the well-being of all relationships. However, sometimes it vanishes and we do not know why.

We would have to review how the communication with our partner is.

Do we express what we want? Are we able to enjoy relationships or see them as an obligation? Do we make time for them or put other priorities ahead?

Passion is also cultivated. Stop touching us, giving us affection, beginning to show us no affection can make the passion decrease.

If we do not know how to solve all this by ourselves, it is positive that we go to sexual therapy or couples therapy. No doubt, it will help us a lot.

4. You do not accept that everything may be over

4 Signs Which Tells You Why You Are Not Happy In Relationship

When you’re not happy with my partner, but you have been with her for many years, you may be denied a break. However, this can make you who you do not want to be with and even experience possible infidelity.

Sometimes we lack the courage to say “this far” and end a relationship where love has faded and we are no longer happy side by side.

However, being sincere and honest is much better than acting unconsciously that leads to a catastrophic end in which we all get damaged.

When you are no longer comfortable in your relationship it is important to analyze if this can be resolved or has to end. For this, it is necessary that we leave aside self-deception and that we sincerely feel ourselves and the other person.

A relationship would have to make both of us happy. If it is not, we have to settle it from now on, right?

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