What Are The Tips To Prevent Your Type 2 Diabetes?

What Are The Tips To Prevent Your Type 2 Diabetes - ebuddynews

In a report, there will be 366 million people with diabetes in 2030. And that in that year, it will be the seventh cause of global mortality according to the WHO? There are two types of diabetes. While cannot prevent type 1, type 2 diabetes is associated with controllable tips such as diet and physical activity and accounts for 90% of all cases.

There are major differences between the types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes consists of the destruction at an early age of the beta cells of the pancreas, those that make insulin, type 2 diabetes develops slowly and is typical in adults. 

Type 2 diabetes has associated the factors with low physical activity and a poor diet that can enhance the onset of the disease. There is a genetic predisposition to suffer from it, but leading a sedentary life and being overweight are determining factors for a patient to suffer from type 2 diabetes.

What Are The Symptoms Of Type 2 Diabetes?

Although the most common is that people with this type of diabetes do not present symptoms for many years, we must pay special attention to :

  • Bladder, kidney, skin, or other common infections that heal slowly
  • feeling of fatigue
  • Hunger and increased need for fluids
  • increased urination
  • Blurry vision
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • You may feel numbness or pain in the feet or hands

Tips To Prevent Your Type 2 Diabetes

1. You Have To Maintain A Healthy Diet

At the same time, fast food is one of our worst enemies fighting type 2 diabetes. We must eat foods low in saturated fat and be careful with fast-absorbing carbohydrates. Fruits and vegetables, dairy (skim), cereals, and lean meats are good options to maintain a healthy weight. Don’t forget about the fruits either! Dry! They come in handy for this type of diet.

2. Physical Activity

You don’t have to become an elite athlete to fight type 2 diabetes. You have to stay active throughout the day to lower your blood sugar. Long walks, even at a high pace, can be enough. It is preferable to play sports in the company and always within our physical possibilities, without going from 0 to 100 but without sitting on the sofa or sitting before the computer 24 hours a day. The middle term is good for those who want to combat this type of diabetes.

By the way! Always warm-up well before any exercise and stretch after finishing it. This standard, common to all of us, is even more important for those battling type 2 diabetes.

3. You Must Stop Smoking

Smoking greatly affects people with diabetes since it decreases the effectiveness of insulin and increases the complications derived from this condition. In addition, it can favor the appearance of diabetes in people who do not have it and increases the risk of cardiovascular problems.

4. Foot Care

Diabetes can cause damage and risk to the nerves and blood vessels in the feet, affecting our sensitivity. In other words, a small unchecked wound can turn into something much worse. Feet should be inspected daily for dry, cracked skin, ulcers or blisters, bruising, hardened areas, or redness. Please do not hesitate to call your doctor if he thinks there is something abnormal about your feet.

5. Control Sugar Levels And Medication

Uncontrolled blood sugar levels can lead to short-term and long-term health problems. It is vital to keep rigorous control of our sugar to be in the normal ranges. Finally, for those patients who take medication for type 2 diabetes, it is a priority that they keep track of their medication. It is useless to maintain healthy lifestyle habits if the medication against diabetes is left aside.

These are just some tips that we offer you from super caregivers to help you fight type 2 diabetes. We know how important it is for anyone’s health to lead an active and healthy life with physical exercise and a healthy diet. Still, we also know that these recommendations are especially important for those people who, due to various factors, are at risk of suffering or have type 2 diabetes. It is important to do our part to improve our health and those around us.

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