What Are The Differences Between Dry Eyes And Allergies?

What Are The Differences Between Dry Eyes And Allergies - ebuddynews

Normally, dry eyes are often confused with allergies because, in both cases, it causes irritation, redness and itching. In general, eye discomfort prevents us from having proper visual health.

In both cases, they are mild pathologies that are not, in principle, serious for our eyes. However, in both cases, it is highly recommended to go to our ophthalmologist to treat its effects and carry out day-to-day life more comfortably. In addition, dry eyes can be a symptom of diseases that may be somewhat more serious, associated, above all, with age. But, how do we know the differences between dry eyes and allergies?

Differences Between Dry Eyes And Allergies

The first premise is as clear as it is not very useful in practice: the year’s season. In spring, it tends to be more common to suffer allergic reactions to pollination since it is the most common allergy in humans. While in winter, the most common is dry eyes due to the environment’s coldness and the greater force of the wind. However, for various reasons, we can have allergies to many other factors and dry eyes at any time of the year.

In general, the irritation and itching sensation is different in each one. With dry eye, itching is more common, while with allergies, it is an itch that makes us feel the need to rub our eyes continuously. Although it seems a correct and habitual reaction, we should not do this since we only irritate our eyes even more. In addition, allergies are commonly accompanied by sneezing and coughing.

Another differentiating aspect is the solution that our body proposes. If we have a dry eye, it will relieve us to close our eyes and keep them closed for a while. Thus, we will notice less dryness. It does not happen with allergies since the itching sensation does not stop despite closing the eyes. In addition, allergies tend to cause much more tears as a reaction. It does not occur in cases of dry eye.

If we notice a dry eye, we should avoid dry places or places with air pumps on (air conditioning, heating). On the other hand, in case of an allergic reaction, we should look for closed environments and try to isolate ourselves from the element that gives us an allergy (probably present outside).

Remember to go to an eye specialist to receive the proper treatment and avoid these discomforts. Eye specialists are the ones who can best diagnose you and, above all, help you.

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