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Top Cooking Techniques With Olive Oils

We can use Olive Oils, both raw and hot, but do you know what we call each cooking techniques when we use them? Today we bring you a theoretical class so that you know them thoroughly. In addition, we include some recipes applied so that you can practice them.

Application of raw olive oils


Cooking technique generally used raw that consists of a mixture of spices and other condiments, including extra virgin olive oil, to enhance or enhance the flavour of a product. Salads are the best object of this application.


The cooking technique consists of immersion in olive oils to prolong the life of ready-to-eat foods, such as cheeses, loins of freshly cooked meat, sausages, etc. Cheese, chorizo ​​or tomato in extra virgin olive oil are clear examples.


Join two incompatible ingredients to create a homogeneous, voluminous mixture with a different texture than it had separately. They recommend Extra virgin olive oil for these preparations. The mayonnaise, the salmorejo, the white garlic are clear examples of this technique.


Smoking is a cooking technique in which we smoke foods to give them different flavours, colours and textures, depending on the recipe. Can smoke virtually all food.

This technique began in the past to preserve food, and today it is still in force both to preserve and enjoy the unique flavour that smoking gives.

Finishing this cooking technique with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil on top and providing all the benefits of the product intensifies the flavour of the food.

Did you know that you can also add a smoky flavour to olive oil?

Although we do not follow this cooking techniques to give this characteristic flavour to olive oils, we must mention it in this section because of its flavour.

To give the olive oil that ember flavour, we infuse it with charcoal embers that we will later remove to consume it usually.

We can make delicious rice, meat, fish, and even vegetables with that characteristic smoke flavour with this infused oil. We can use this technique to make this delicious rice with nettles, cockles and aioli.


A technique that consists of cooking food through steam without touching or submerging it. To cook these foods, they can be placed on a rack or in a bamboo steamer. Brush the base previously with Olive Oils. You can also use Olive Oils to enrich the dish before presenting it.

Hot application of olive oils


Immersion of food in hot olive oil until we cook it inside and golden on the outside. Any fried potatoes to a vegetable and prawn tempura are unbeatable if made in olive oil.


Cooking technique in which the cooking temperature with olive oil is high and the time is short. We use it for foods that require little cooking or are previously cooked, such as shellfish, peeled shellfish or green beans.


We require the basis for the cooking technique on cooking in a closed environment with dry heat, extra virgin olive oil and the possibility of incorporating a small quantity of wet or liquid elements. The most representative example is the traditional roast chicken.


When we immerse meat or fish, the technique in cooking in a liquid element made up of spices, extra virgin olive oil, and spirit liquid for a more or less prolonged time. An example is the marinated pork ribs.


A culinary technique consists of prolonged cooking in a broth composed of extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, wine and spices. A dish associated with this technique is pickled partridges.


The mixed cooking technique concatenates two techniques used separately: sautéed and boiled or roasted in a liquid medium. As an example of stew, we find the black pudding, the oxtail or game pieces.

Top Cooking Techniques With Olive Oils
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