Top 8 Foods For Body Temperature Cooling In Summer

Top 8 Foods For Body Temperature Cooling In Summer - ebuddynews

We feel like copious hot meals only when it’s very hot. However, even though it is summer, we must eat and nourish ourselves with cooling foods that lower body temperature.

Indeed, it is a matter of habits and opting for foods that provide nutrients and qualities that help achieve the goal.

Foods For Body Temperature Cooling In Summer

Many strategies can help us when it is hot, such as staying next to the air conditioner all day, not going outside at noon, wearing loose white clothes, carrying a fan wherever we go, or spending all day in the swimming pool or the sea.

But what about the food? Even if it’s summer and we don’t feel like cooking so much, we have an appetite and must eat at other times of the year.

Thus, the dilemmas begin: What do we cook? Will a salad satisfy your hunger? How not to feel even more heat?

Maintaining a diet with enough calories and easy-to-digest dishes is the secret to eating well and lowering body temperature. It is also essential that it contains very fresh food.

To avoid this, we recommend the following foods which can be cooling our body temperature in summer.

1. Fruit Juices

They can be your great allies during the summer and complement those foods that lower the temperature.

Although it is advisable to opt for the whole fruit first, a crushed fruit smoothie with a little water or milk is another option to resort to promptly.

Using a mixer or a food processor before a blender is preferable to take better advantage of the nutrients that fruits provide and fiber.

2. Fresh Salads

There are tons of options. You can combine the vegetables you like the most, such as lettuce, tomato, celery, carrot, beetroot, onion, and cabbage. Olive oil, lemon, and aromatic herbs are crucial. Also, you can add boiled vegetables that are cold, as well as dressings.

You can add ingredients such as rice, hard-boiled eggs, chicken, legumes, or canned tuna to obtain a unique and complete dish in this vegetable base.

3. Fish

It would help if you remembered to fresh fish to reduce your body temperature in summer. It is a light source of protein and depending on how it is prepared, it can refresh you. Accompany it with salad or sautéed vegetables.

Getting salmon, sole, or hake with fatty acids such as omega 3 (healthy fat) is easier during the hot months.

Seafood is also an excellent solution to enjoy a rich, healthy, and refreshing lunch.

4. Whole Fruits

Beyond the universal recommendation to consume three pieces of fruit a day, in summer, fruit intake provides water, contributes to hydration, and lowers body temperature.

The fruits that contain more water are melon and watermelon. They are very easy to digest and can be combined to have an excellent dessert.

In addition, we can easily take some whole fruits such as apples, pears, or peach away from home. You can also prepare a fruit salad, but do not add sugar.

5. Fruit Sorbets

Fruit sorbets and creamy ice creams are highly delicious food during the summer, especially on a walk outdoors or beach day.

At first, everything may seem refreshing, but in this case, only the first can be considered good foods to lower body temperature.

The reason is that creamy ice creams contain more fat, a macronutrient that requires more digesting time. And during this process, the body can get hotter.

To obtain a healthy and refreshing version, we advise preparing crushed fruit ice cream without adding sugar.

6. Green Leafy Vegetables

Like fruits, green leafy vegetables contain a large amount of water in their composition. So summer is a perfect time to give them out, whether they are sautéed, in tortillas, or in salads.

Also, we can choose these types of vegetables to prepare sandwiches to take away or toast for an appetizer or informal meal.

They are a better option than cured cheeses or sausages, which, as they contain more fat, can raise body temperature. It is also a perfect reason to take advantage and eat more vegetables. 

7. Spicy Foods

Many people may be turned off when thinking of a spicy condiment or recipe for a hot summer day. However, nothing is better than refreshing the body and coping with the heat a little better.

A spicy food produces a heat reaction at first. The body reacts by boosting sweating, leading to an immediate temperature drop.

8. Hot Drinks

The mechanism of action of drinks such as hot tea and coffee is the same as in the case of spicy ones. Its intake causes a reaction of heat and sweating that ends up helping to cool the body.

The tradition of drinking hot tea all year round in hot countries like Morocco or India confirms this. But the effect has also been verified in studies such as this one published in the journal.

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