Top 7 Healthy Habits For Successful Aging

Top 7 Healthy Habits For Successful Aging - ebuddynews

Likewise, healthy lifestyles or habits play a fundamental role over the years at this age for successful aging. They are related to diet, tobacco or alcohol consumption, a sedentary life, and lack of social ties considered a risk or protective factor.

From an early age, it is essential to take care of your health. Slowing down cognitive deterioration and an emotional state helps you find the other side of the coin before the vicissitudes of life. It appeals to prevention to preserve your functions for as long as possible when you reach old age. 

Here, we want to share with you seven healthy habits that will contribute to successful aging:

Healthy Habits For Successful Aging

1. Physical Activity

It is the key to successful aging. It is very important to promote and facilitate increased physical activity from an early age. Experts suggest that older adults spend 150 minutes a week in moderate physical activity. Walking is one of the best options. It promotes a sense of security, increases movement speed, improves balance, reduces stress and the risk of heart disease, decreases fatigue, and maintains the proper weight. Other options include dancing, swimming, and practicing tai chi. The doctor you trust should tell the time and type of physical activities, especially if you have a significant injuries history.

2. Try To Avoid Consumption Or Exposure To Cigarettes

The WHO says that smoking is the leading cause of death. Also, smoking contributes substantially to cancer, cardiovascular, chronic respiratory, diabetes, cirrhosis, and others. Older people are at greater risk of harmful and toxic consequences from tobacco. The abandonment of this habit by older adults increases their life expectancy and reduces their physical and psychological dependence. Likewise, recent studies have shown that tobacco consumption causes blindness.

3. Maintain Proper Hygiene

Many health problems, such as infections or oral or skin problems, are the product of poor hygiene. It is essential to go to the dentist once a year so that he can keep track of your oral health. Suppose the older adult does not maintain proper oral hygiene. In that case, he can suffer serious consequences such as gum disease, cavities, oral cancer, dry mouth, bad breath, among others. Remember not to leave him alone and help him in whatever he needs. Experts advise you to hydrate the older adult to protect his skin from external aggressions that precipitate aging.

4. Healthy Eating

Both fruits and vegetables must be present in each of the five meals throughout life and even more so in old age similarly, legumes and rice for their high fiber content. We can find a great source of vitamins and fiber in corn, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, and wheat. On the other hand, fish is the ideal protein food with very low fat. In addition, milk, dairy products, eggs, and pork, without fat, are very good for the diet of the elderly. Experts did not recommend that foods that are not to eat have too much sugar or salt, fat such as butter, lard, or other foods that have got fried in abundant oil, such as French fries.

5. Social Activity

The older adult must enjoy their golden age. Experts consider that social activity is a fundamental aspect of your health. Meeting with his friends, dancing, talking, painting, doing crafts, practicing theater, among other activities, favor well-being and quality of life in the elderly. Not only is it advisable for older adults to maintain contact with their closest family members or friends. But it is also very important that they interact and exchange experiences and knowledge with other generations. You will undoubtedly notice how the mood of the older adult will improve. And he will be able to face his day-to-day and new challenges with greater optimism.

6. Affective Accompaniment

Loneliness is one of the great enemies of the well-being of older adults. Affective accompaniment can provide moments of great satisfaction to older adults. It will fill their lives to a great extent with joy and hope, thus helping them to cope with the emptiness left by sadness and loneliness. It brings great benefits to their lives, such as reflecting better physical, emotional or affective health, living positively, and coping with the changes in old age more optimistically. It relies on the family’s love and affection, which for some is their reason for living.

7. Sense For Life

As we can see, the mood or emotional state also affects the body and the healthy aging process. Those who maintain the meaning for life and motivations in old age have a better quality of life than those older adults with very prolonged states of depression or major depression. It is about carrying out activities and considering a life project for old age, considering those wishes desires that make them feel useful and contribute to society and youth from a different place.

Remember that creating these healthy habits depends on the disposition of the older adult, their family, and caregivers. Let’s be builders of our old age and learn from the wisdom acquired by older adults. These recommendations that experts have shared with you will contribute positively to your aging process.

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