Tips To Control Anxiety During Pregnancy

Tips To Control Anxiety During Pregnancy - ebuddynews

We are discovering that you are pregnant or that you go for it and finally get it. You can be not only a reason for joy or uncertainty, but it is also normal to feel a little stress. However, we should not be alarmed since we can control anxiety during pregnancy with entirely natural remedies, allowing you to enjoy this moment of your life.

How To Control Anxiety During Pregnancy?

Will I be able to take care of the baby? What is like pregnancy? Of course, the questions and concerns are typical for both the mother and the father, but pregnancy should never cause panic.

First, it is essential to list your anxiety symptoms to see if you are nervous about the baby’s arrival or suffer from something more serious. Are these:

  • You cannot relax at any time;
  • Feeling tense, scared, and constantly worried;
  • You have only negative thoughts;
  • You feel exaggerated fear (fear) about a specific situation;
  • You have no control over one’s thoughts;
  • Worrying excessively about everything;
  • You feel vibrations in your heart;
  • You breathe hard, often out of breath.

From these symptoms, you can now see how to control anxiety during pregnancy.

Keep Calm

I ven case of an unexpected pregnancy, announcing the arrival of a baby should be a source of joy and not suffering. Think about how happy your friends and family will be and how they will help you in this new phase. If you have never had a child, buy books or find out online what the first months of pregnancy are like and the changes that your body will undergo.

Gradually you will understand how pregnancy works, and you will feel how the anxiety of the first weeks disappears. In addition, it will be good for you to talk with other pregnant women and solve doubts with the doctor.

How To Control Anxiety During Pregnancy - ebuddynews

Announce Pregnancy At The Right Time

A common practice, especially among first-time pregnant women, is to announce the pregnancy even to close relatives only after the first few weeks. However, recommended to announce after the first three months. When there is still a high probability of miscarriage: the risk of losing the baby in the first pregnancy is around 50% in the first trimester.

So if you wait for the risk period to pass, you can be more relaxed. For the father, however, he must know this soon.

Take Care Of Your Body

Once everyone is aware and started to learn more about pregnancy, it is time to focus on taking care of the body and consequently taking care of the baby. Eating well and exercising will help both you and your baby stay healthy and help relieve some anxiety.

Take Care Of Your Mind

In addition to the body, you must keep your mind calm. Read books, take courses that you like, watch movies and series. Anything goes to avoid anxiety, including sex. It is not because you are pregnant that you cannot feel pleasure. Sex for pregnant women is not only allowed but recommended as a way to relieve stress.

Sleep Well

Sleep is another essential factor for your health and that of your baby. It would help if you tried to sleep at least 8 hours in a row each night to help keep your body and mind in order. To sleep early, avoid television, mobile, or computer before bed (prefer books or magazines, for example).

Take Natural Tranquilizers

Drinking passion fruit juice and chamomile tea may seem silly, but it helps a lot to relax. Lettuce, for example, is rich in folic acid and acts as another natural tranquilizer in the body. Other examples are apples, eggs, zinc, carbohydrates, selenium, and fiber, containing B vitamins, niacin and acetate, and honey, responsible for producing serotonin (a wellness hormone) body. Choose natural calm in your daily life and realize the difference it will make to your spirit.

What Foods To Eat To Stay Calm

What Foods To Eat To Stay Calm - ebuddynews

With these precautions, you can also need to aware of your diet. It also helps to control anxiety during pregnancy time. Some foods help us calm the mind by producing serotonin in our brain, and others relax us by having a calming effect. Others control our anxiety to eat by producing satiety. Let’s see some examples:

Foods Rich In Tryptophan

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that must incorporate it into the diet because we do not manufacture it, which acts as a precursor to serotonin. In turn, serotonin reduces anxiety, brings calm, and will help you rest better and control your appetite. Some examples of foods that include it are the following:

  • Meats like turkey or chicken. We know that, for example, in the United States on Thanksgiving, turkey is included as the main dish of a family dinner, which contributes to a calmer and calmer atmosphere.
  •  Milk, cheese, fish, eggs (especially in the yolk).
  • And for vegetarians and vegans, you can find it in tofu and soybeans.
  • Seeds sesame (or sesame seeds), pumpkin, and chia. Add seeds to your salads or toasts.
  •  Nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, or peanuts.
  • Also, they have pulses as the beans, the lentils, or chickpea
  • Fruits and vegetables: fruits such as pineapple or banana. In the group of vegetables, spinach, beets, or broccoli.

Magnesium-Rich Foods

Magnesium is another essential mineral; it has muscle relaxant properties, reduces stress, improves mood, and helps you sleep. You can incorporate it by taking: dried fruits (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, or pistachios), whole grain products (mainly wheat), quinoa, or oats.

Another rich food is dark chocolate. Not only do we ingest it for its flavor, but it also reduces cortisol and is anxiolytic. Of course, choose dark chocolate with shallow sugar content. Sesame, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds are delicious. Also milkcheeses or yogurts or green leafy vegetables, legumes (take them in salads in these hottest times that are coming) or in lean meats.

Vitamin C: Fruits And Vegetables

It is an essential vitamin in times of stress. It reduces cortisol and is very necessary for smokers.

Remember the rule of “5 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day” since you have probably incorporated it that way. And remember that we find brightly colored fruits and vegetables, pineapple, kiwi, papaya, or mango in red vegetables such as red pepper and spices parsley or basil.

Quality Proteins

Lean meats, fish, eggs, legumes, and nuts are foods rich in protein, a very beneficial macronutrient to reduce stress.

In the egg, especially in the yolk, we find one of the foods that provide the highest quality proteins, providing other essential amino acids and B vitamins and minerals.

Now that you know how to control anxiety during pregnancy, it is time to take advantage of this second and prepare for the arrival of your child with more calm and patience. Enjoy this moment, which is unique in parents’ lives, even when you have had children before. After all, every baby is unique, like every pregnancy.

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