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There is no secret that the cost of diabetes has been getting a lot of attention lately. And it almost all has been negative. The price of general necessities like, you know, health insurance, then paying for insulin (another need). Then, buying the tools and supplies, you need to manage your Type 1 diabetes all adds up successfully.

Suppose you’re looking for a way to reduce the expense of Type 2 diabetes without neglecting to manage the condition. In that case, test strip subscriptions are an option to consider. Check it out! We compiled an overview of popular companies offering subscription services for test strip and researched each to bring you important information as guide.

Accu-Chek Simple Pay And Accu-Chek To

Roche offers Accu-Chek Guide Simple Pay and Accu-Chek To in two different test strip subscription programs.

Accu-Chek Guide Simple Pay Program includes an Accu-Chek Guide meter. This plan starts at $19.99 per month. It lets you choose how many test strips you need and how often you need to ship. This program doesn’t need the prescription. 


  • You will receive a free Accu-Chek Guide ME meter
  • You will always pay the same price for Accu-Chek Guide test strips
  • You can schedule deliveries every 1, 2, 3 or 6 months
  • You don’t need a prescription
  • Shipping is free


  • The Accu-Chek Guide Me meter is the latest and greatest meter on the market, but if you are a user of another of the meters other than this meter in the Accu-Chek portfolio, this program just applies to the Accu-Chek Guide platform.
  • You cannot combine the cost of this program with the coverage offered by your insurer, so if you have the coverage, you may not be eligible.

The program Accu-chek To Roche seeks to support people to make additional measurements and offers a few extra. The company offers subscribers two options: 1 box of 50 strips that include some Accu-chek favourites or two boxes of 50 strips and the favourite items.

1-box packages cost $ 30 per month. 2-box packs cost $ 50 per month. Shipping is done every 1, 2, 3, or 6 months depending on your preference. The charge is monthly.


  • First-time Accu-chek users receive a free meter. And choose from three options: Accu-chek Aviva, Accu-chek Nano, and Accu-chek Aviva Connect.
  • Subscriptions include a new selection of healthy products each month, including delicious snacks, hygiene and skincare products, teas, and more.
  • Ground shipping at no additional charge


  • Although the Accu-Check To program includes additional products and applies to more than one Accu-Chek meter platform, the monthly cost is higher than the program.


Expertly managing diabetes and data doesn’t mean adding steps to your routine. The mySugr Bundle provides diabetes counselling with Certified Diabetes Educators through their app to their users and unlimited Accu-Chek ® Guide test strip subscription and automatic delivery. This meter syncs to the mySugr app, so the service will automatically detect when you need more strips and deliver them with no extra effort on your part. You won’t have to place orders, you won’t have to press buttons, and you won’t have to make calls either. It will avoid the need to keep track of your test strips or worry about how often you want to take your measurements.

The cost is $ 49 / month, and you will sign a commitment for three months. It is not yet available in many countries, but you can check their page to see if your country has coverage. They will be informing you about marketing as in other regions.

The mySugr Bundle includes:

Immediate access to:

  • mySugr app Pro features
  • Access to a diabetes coach in the app

After registration, your kit will arrive in a few days together with: 

  • 250 test strips (5 boxes with 50 Accu-Chek ® Guide strips )
  • 17 drums with six preloaded lancets (102 lancets)
  • 1 FastClix lancing device

Access to :

  • Unlimited strips shipped automatically depending on the frequency of use
  • Access to Certified Diabetes Educator
  • mySugr app Pro features


  • The mySugr app with an average higher than 4.6 stars rating, and it currently has more than 1.7 million users.
  • Autoship is done based on the frequency of use, so you no longer have to worry about keeping this record.
  • Suppose you are looking for unlimited strips and diabetes coaching at an affordable cost. In such a case, this may be an excellent option for you.


  • You cannot combine the cost of this program with the coverage offered by your insurer, so if you have the coverage, you may not be eligible.
  • If you are like a meter fan other than the Accu-Chek ® Guide platform, this program only applies to Accu-Chek ® Guide strips.


Dario takes the mobile idea one step further with it. If you connect a meter to a smartphone, allow users to check their blood glucose right on their phones. The readings will be upload to the Dario app, where users can track their trends.

Dario subscribers have a chance to choose between a monthly subscription program and a pay-as-you-go setup according to its test strip guide. It Shipped for every three months, and subscribers can choose from options offering monthly rations of 50, 100, 200 or 300 test strips.

Arrange the pricing breakdown so that if you sign up for 50 strips per month, it would cost you $ 37.50 for every three months, a monthly cost of around $ 12.50. Other items, such as the Dario meter, are sold separately.


  • The Dario app has some cool features, including “hypoglycemia alerts” and an option that sends text messages with your GPS location in the event of an emergency.
  • Dario also does not require clients to have insurance; you can sign up for the subscription service if you have health insurance. It is a service you pay for out of pocket that replaces going to the pharmacy to buy test strips.


  • The Dario system doesn’t have a place to put used test strips. You cannot carry a case for your phone like there is for a meter.


The Livongo program is a free system that includes a glucose meter, unlimited test strips, and personal diabetes training.

To enroll in Livongo, you must first be part of an organization associated with the company or with a spouse or dependent on someone who is. It could be through an employer, health provider, or other health plans.

When you register, it connects to the Livongo network. You can store your glucose readings on a secure server that you can access online. Livongo users access personalized programs in their language and Livongo trainers. Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE) training is an important part of the program and an integrated support network.


  • The Livongo program is free! 
  • On Featuring a touch screen, the Livongo meter links to the cellular network to upload readings and offers access to Livongo’s diabetes support team, blood glucose trends, and more.
  • It also offers its subscribers unlimited test strips and lancets based on usage.
  • It has a unique feature, health data and encouragement messages that appear on your meter when measuring your glucose.


  • If you want to use Livongo, you must partner with your healthcare provider, employer or health plan.
  • You can obtain the registration code to enroll from your participating healthcare provider or call the Livongo Member Support Center.

One Drop

It is a system that combines glucose measurement with an application for your smartphone, which makes managing your diabetes mobile and digital. We can call the One Drop subscription service One Drop Premium.

You pay an initial fee of approximately $ 80 for the One Drop for Chrome setup, including a meter, initial test strips, lancing device, lancets, and a case. Then you can choose to pay a Premium subscription annually or monthly. If you choose the first option, you will pay around $ 40 per month. This subscription includes 24/7 use of a Certified Diabetes Educator, who will be available to answer questions, troubleshoot problems, and provide tips and tricks. You can text your CDE directly from the app, and responses will arrive in minutes! Also, at any time, Subscribers can cancel it.

One Drop analyzes your use of test strips and will send you the appropriate amount you will need each month. It offers unlimited access to test strips. It will also let you know the estimated number left and notify you when you run out of strips. 


  • No insurance required to participate in the One Drop program (US customers get free shipping)
  • Diabetes support, programs and other tips are available on-demand through the One Drop Experts feature in the One Drop app (on iPhone and Android ).
  • You can reorder your supplies right from the app.
  • The app is also on Apple Watch; it allows for quick viewing and recording right on your wrist!
  • The One Drop Professionals feature proposes that healthcare providers associate their patient data for ongoing support.
  • The meter connects via Bluetooth to the app, automatically recording your blood glucose readings.
  • The One Drop meter case is stylish and made from “vegan” leather.


  • The One Drop monthly payment option costs around $ 80 more per year than a one-year subscription upfront.
  • The meter only displays numbers, and there are no options to label inputs directly on a meter as one can do this in the smartphone app.
  • Occasionally parts may slip out of the case, so it may be worth putting the meter and strips in a more secure case.

Remember that before signing up for any service, make sure you do your proper research and ensure the business is legitimate.

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