Symptoms, Causes And Treatment For Floating Kidney

Symptoms, Causes And Treatment For Floating Kidney

Floating kidney could be a condition that is also termed as hypermobile urinary organ or the wandering urinary organ. The medical name of such a condition is nephroptosia. In such a condition the kidney is seen to drop down when a person stands up or is transiting from a lying right down to an upright position. It’s additionally called the kidney prolapse condition. The urinary organ moving downward suggests that it’s not fixed totally by the tissues that surround it. Such a condition is not uncommon and has been noted over a century by physicians in several cases.

Causes Of Floating kidney

The causes of floating kidney will be several:

Symptoms, Causes And Treatment For Floating Kidney

  • Mostly young ladies who have skinny and long waists are suffering from such a condition.
  • It’s not a condition that is brought on by congenital anomaly. If one receives a blow to the urinary organ or in an area above or below where the urinary organ is, they could suffer from a floating kidney condition
  • It’s known that kidneys are supported by the perirenal fasciae that is a soft connective tissue. When such tissue is broken or not present in abundance, it will cause floating kidney. When one stands up in such a condition, the kidney then falls as low because the pelvis area

Floating kidney Symptoms

While such a physiological state happens rarely in some people, symptoms may be or may not be apparent. If symptoms are apparent, they are:

Symptoms, Causes And Treatment For Floating Kidney

  • Distinct discomfort is felt and there is pain in the flank area
  • One could suffer from nausea, chills as well as have high B.P
  • If the urinary organ is displaced, it may cause the ureter to kink
  • That could lead to pain during urinating

Diagnosis of such a condition is done in the following manner:

  • A series of X-rays are taken in the resupine or the standing position
  • When the condition doesn’t bring about any pain or discomfort, there is no diagnosis done or the need for treatment

Treatment For Floating kidney

When one suffers from the floating excretory organ condition but suffers no symptoms, then no treatment is needed. If the duct becomes kinked and causes pain along with nausea, vomiting and constipation, one may try the following home remedies:

Symptoms, Causes And Treatment For Floating Kidney

  • Lying in bed and remaining warm
  • Warm bottles are often applied to the side abdomen area
  • A fattening diet should be in order to increase the fat around the excretory organ which can give adequate support to it
  • Often a specially designed belt with rubber artefact is proposed to be worn around the area in order to provide support to the urinary organ and to provide relief from discomfort.

If home remedies doesn’t work, a kind of kidney surgery is resorted to known as the nephrophexy. This surgery is now conducted through laparoscopic techniques that make it a fast and less painful surgery. It helps to fix the excretory organ in place and thus, the painful symptoms usually disappear.

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