Squirtable Elastic Surgical Glue a Lifesaver Seals Wounds In 60 Seconds

Squirtable Elastic Surgical Glue a Lifesaver Seals Wounds In 60 Seconds

An international team of researchers, led by biomedical engineers at the University of Sydney (Australia), has developed one adhesive elastic surgical adhesive namely Squirtable elastic surgical glue that could completely transform emergency treatment sealing critical wounds on the skin or organs, without the need for use staples or sutures. And all in a minute.

The gel is based on a substance called Me-Tro, an elastic hybrid protein that can be injected into both internal and external wounds to seal and stimulate healing.

Squirtable elastic surgical glue could literally be a lifesaver, as it takes only 60 seconds to seal the wounds without stopping the natural expansion of the tissue, as for example in lungs, hearts, and arteries, which by their natural functioning are inclined to reopen wounds constantly. With Squirtable elastic surgical glue, it would not happen, due to its elastic and adhesive characteristics.

After application, Me-Tro only requires a bath of ultraviolet light to solidify on the wound. For the time being, trials have been limited to animal models (specifically arteries and lungs of rodents and lungs of pigs), but human trials are already underway, and the results to date are incredibly promising.

“The beauty of the MeTro formulation is such that as soon as it comes into contact with tissue surfaces, it solidifies in a gel-like phase without fleeing,” says Nasim Annabi, co-author of the paper published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

Squirtable Elastic Surgical Glue a Lifesaver Seals Wounds In 60 Seconds

When bathing the area with light, the seal is placed very precisely, as it conforms to the shape of the wound and adheres firmly to the structures of the surface of the tissue.

Wounds treated with this adhesive can be cured in half the time compared to stitches or staples and, if surgery is required, MeTro could also simplify that procedure. Well thanks to a degrading enzyme incorporated in the glue, could be modified to last a certain time (between hours and months) depending on the type of injury.

In emergency situations where speed is critical, Squirtable elastic surgical glue could save many lives, sealing wounds.

“When you see Me-Tro, you can see it acts like a liquid, filling gaps and adjusting to the shape of the wound. Potential applications are powerful – from treating serious internal wounds to emergency sites, such as car crashes and in war zones, as well as improving hospital surgeries, “explains study co-author Anthony Weiss.

According to experts, the gel is easy to apply, can be stored easily, and works closely with natural tissue to heal a wound, as it degrades without leaving any toxic waste in the body.

“We have proven that Me-Tro works in different configurations and solves problems that other available sealers can not. We are now ready to transfer our research to testing with humans and hope MeTro will soon be used in the clinic, saving human lives,” Weiss says.

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