Proven Facts Of Amazing God’s Pharmacy

Proven Facts Of Amazing God’s Pharmacy-ebuddynews

The day allows us to calmly connect with Mother Earth and appreciate what Nature provides us daily. The kindness of Nature knows no bounds, and we have only begun to experience and explore it. Everything in Nature has a purpose and a future. We cannot just create a copy of anything and render the original outdated. The greater our understanding of natural processes and relationships, the more we will see how intricately all life is intertwined. As a result, the true nature lover will continually be amazed by Nature’s numerous gifts and feel profound gratitude for them. Here are some foods and their proven facts of amazing god’s pharmacy

God’s Pharmacy is Amazing!

Science has proven that carrots significantly improve blood flow to the eyes, supporting their proper function. Carrot slices have the appearance of human eyes. The iris, pupil, and surrounding lines all closely resemble human eyes.

Let’s now examine Tomatoes. The four chambers of the tomato are red. Similarly to this, the heart has four red chambers. Lycopene is abundant in tomatoes and aids in heart and blood function, as all available research demonstrates.

A heart-shaped cluster of Grapes is dangling from the ceiling. All current research demonstrates that grapes are a vital diet for the heart and blood. Each grape is remarkably similar to a blood cell.

We now understand that walnuts aid in the development of over 36 neurotransmitters essential for brain function. A little brain resembles a Walnut, including its right and left hemispheres, upper cerebrum, and lower cerebellum. Even the walnut’s folds or creases resemble the brain’s.

Beans are sometimes known as kidney beans in English. Beans that resemble human kidneys do help to recover and sustain kidney health.

These meals and bones both contain 23% sodium. In particular, foods that resemble bones, like celery, bok choy, rhubarb, and many others, increase bone strength. Your body will remove salt from your bones if you don’t consume enough of it, weakening them. These foods replenish and meet the body’s skeletal requirements.

How precise is this?

Avocados, eggplants, and pears, which resemble the womb and cervix of women, boost their health and function. According to current studies, a woman’s hormones are regulated, unwelcome postpartum weight is lost, and cervical cancer is prevented when she consumes an avocado daily.

Each of these foods contains more than 100,000 nutritional compounds. From flowering to fruit ripening the association is very surprising. An Avocado grows in exactly nine months.

Figs are loaded with seeds; when they mature, they dangle down in pairs. They decrease infertility by enhancing sperm motility and count.

The glycemic index in people with diabetes will be regulated by the Sweet potato, which shares many similarities with the pancreas.

Olives support the ovaries’ health and efficiency.

Oranges, grapefruit, and other citrus fruits resemble a woman’s mammary glands and support breast health and lymphatic drainage.

The body’s cells and onion are remarkably similar. Studies show that Onions aid the body’s cells in removing waste and material debris. They even produce tears that clean the eye’s epithelial layers.

Garlic is another ally that aids in the removal of harmful free radicals and waste from the body.


We were told that God made fish and animals, divided salt water from fresh water, made a garden, and created dry land. He also produced mammals and fish before human was created. He created and provided all the food we would need before birth. They are at their tastiest and most potent when eaten uncooked.

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