Natural Remedies For Cats From Anxiety

Natural Remedies For Cats From Anxiety - ebuddynews

Cats are very independent and calm animals. However, like dogs, various factors such as loneliness or hunger can cause anxiety. The result? Unhappy, nervous animals with significant stress problems. As much as your pet is self-sufficient, you are fundamental to its well-being. It is enough to observe if there have been changes in his behavior.

If so, you will have noticed that he is more moody than usual. He hides, is on alert, overeats (and sometimes even vomits as soon as he finishes), or licks excessively, among other things. A cat with anxiety can even manifest physical illnesses, so if you see that he meets any of these symptoms, you will have to help him as soon as possible.

What Causes Stress Or Aggression In Cats?

Stress can cause many chronic problems in our cat’s life, as well as in us. Although they may feel anxious about other triggers that might not necessarily affect us, the long-term effects of stress can be just as serious. Some common causes of anxiety in cats include:

What Causes Stress Or Aggression In Cats - ebuddynews

  • They are bringing a new pet home, especially another cat.
  • Welcome, a new person to your home.
  • when the cat notices Significant changes in your home or environment, it gets irritation
  • When the master Moves to a new location, the cat gets anxious.
  • Competition for resources in multi-cat households. (Litter box, food, scratching posts, etc.)
  • New medical diagnoses, especially if multiple trips involve to the vet or new medications are involved.
  • Loud noises in your home.
  • The sudden disappearance of a close person makes it. 
  • Boredom.

Although these are some of the most common causes of stress in felines, each cat is different. Virtually anything can cause anxiety in your feline if it affects life.

Some cats are also known to be more anxious than others, so even if the above factors are not present in your home. Then your cat may still experience anxiety.

Why Are Natural Remedies For Cats Anxiety The Best?

Every cat has to experience a stressful time in their lives. Whether it’s due to an abrupt change in your life or with your anxious behavior, this is essential to prepare yourself as a cat owner when your friend needs extra help.

By following a natural approach to calming your cat, you can give yourself the freedom to modify the environment, combine natural approaches, and allow yourself to alter your environment rather than the cat itself.

If you can avoid using daily medication for your already anxious cat, why not? Natural remedies for calming cats can be easy to implement, inexpensive. In addition, they can result in a relaxing environment for your furry friend.

Natural Remedies For Cats

Valerian For Feline

The valerian is so famous for cats that many people use this herb instead of catnip or sometimes mixed with it. Like catnip, this herb will create a state of euphoria for your cat and will often result in a giddy, playful version of your once anxious cat.

Although the stimulation of valerian is similar to that of catnip, the valerian will create a calming and soothing effect after the arousal has worn off. It makes sense, especially when people experience insomnia.

Many cat parents use valerian during their trips to the vet as a stimulant to attract playtime and as a relaxing distraction during stressful periods in their cat’s life. However, using the herb itself is safer than valerian extract for use in cats, as extracts or supplements often contain other ingredients that can be harmful to cats.

Valerian For Feline - ebuddynews

Soothing Collar For Feline

Many cat parents have opted for a calming cat collar for their stressed or nervous cats. This option is ideal for cats experiencing chronic stress, as it consistently delivers pheromones that help stabilize their mood.

The most popular calming collar for cats is the Sentinel Calming Collar. Many cat parents say that this collar has helped reduce the cat’s destructive howls, marks, and scratches due to stress.


A very effective way to combat stress is physical exercise. Although cats are not as active as dogs and do not go for a daily walk, their play routine can become their best medicine. Play with him and give him a new treat so that he is entertained and can calmly vent. A tired and relaxed cat will sleep better than a passive one.


If the previous solutions have not worked, you can resort to pheromones, which are nothing more than chemical substances secreted by the animal that makes it feel happy. Natural diffusers gradually expel these substances, which sprays in the rooms where the cat lives to make it feel better. Do not be scared. It will not hurt the pussy, but as we have commented previously, you should consult directly with your veterinarian if you have doubts.

Last Conclusions

Our lives can change from time to time, so it is up to us to ensure that we create a peaceful environment for the beloved cat companions in our home.

Suppose your cat is showing the signs of stress mentioned above. In that case, it may be time to explore some of the natural remedies for cats that are available to our feline friends!

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