Importance Of Avoiding Sugar Consumption In Daily Life

Importance Of Avoiding Sugar Consumption In Daily Life - eBuddy News

Sugar is that ingredient that is never missing in the kitchen and that is contained in all the processed products that we consume daily, such as cookies, cereals, sausages, among others. But it is also as harmful and addictive as any drug. Little is known about this and all the damage it causes to our body. In this article, you would know about the importance of avoiding sugar consumption in your daily life.

What Is Sugar?

Avoid Sugar Consumption - eBuddy News

Sugar is a solid body that is characterized by its whitish crystallized color. Chemically, sugar belongs to the family of carbohydrates and is soluble in water. Although in most cases it is recognized by the sweet flavor that identifies it.

It is obtained from some vegetables such as cane or beet. When it is extracted, it is processed by joining a molecule of fructose and a molecule of glucose, and thus sucrose is formed. I will be the sugar that we normally use to accompany desserts and meals or to flavor any preparation.

Although sugar provides a large number of calories, these are considered empty, because they have neither minerals nor vitamins. Likewise, different types of sugar can be named: Refined sugar that has 99.9% sucrose, white sugar that contains 99.5%, brown sugar, which crystallizes but is not refined, and blood sugar, which is a little more clear that the previously named.

Consequences Of Consuming Sugar

There are newspaper sources where it is detailed that, for more than 50 years, the sugar industry paid the scientists, so that they did not disclose the link that existed between sugar and heart disease. However, after years has shown the large number of diseases that the consumption of sugar can originate in our body. And I’m not just referring to refined sugar. Products such as cereals, beverages, dairy products, children’s products, and even dietetics, have a high amount of sugar.

Also, studies conducted in rodents showed that animals that consumed a greater amount of sugar had attitudes similar to those addicted to drugs. They also showed cravings for sugar and increasing the dose more and more. And once the sugar was removed, they had similar symptoms to patients in rehabilitation.

What Happens To Our Body After Avoiding Sugar Consumption?

Currently, this is the reality of many: eat unhealthy foods and sugar in abundant quantity, doing little or no exercise. They become addicted to sugar and get fat, and after eating sugar they run out of energy to do some kind of activity.

However, this vicious circle has an end: stop the intake of sugar. When its consumption is reduced, many of its negative effects begin to disappear. However, sometimes it can seem like a difficult task since the current world bombards us with different products made with many fats and sugars, which become a temptation for more than one.

Benefits Of Avoiding Sugar Consumption

1. Decrease Blood Pressure

2. Lowers Cholesterol

3. Makes It Easier To Keep Skin Healthier:

4. Strengthens Energy

5. Decreases Discomfort

6. Provides More Encouragement

7. Contributes To Weight Loss

How Much Sugar Should Be Consumed?

The World Health Organization halved the recommended daily intake of sugar. Step from being 10% of the total calorie intake per day to only 5%. This happened from the year 2002.

It is no secret to anyone that the lower the amount of sugar consumed per day and even if it is eliminated completely from the diet, the greater the benefits for our health. Given this highlights a study by the nephrologist at the University of Colorado in Denver, Richard Johnson, who states that every time you try to study disease and trace its cause, the trigger seems almost always to be sugar. And reflect on the subject: Why a third of adults around the world have hypertension? When in 1900 it was only 5%. Why in 1980 there were 153 million diabetics and now there are 347 million? We believe that sugar is one of the causes, if not the main culprit.

Different Ways Of Avoiding Consumption Of Sugar

You may suffer from addiction to sugar, or feel that it is indispensable in daily food. However, if there is a decision to take care of health and take care of it, then the task of avoiding sugar consumption is very easy to achieve.

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Here are some tips to make the goal of avoiding sugar consumption easier to achieve:

1. Do Not Last More Than 4 Hours Without Eating

Instead of making three large meals a day, five small ones should be made. The idea is to eat every 4 hours, in this way satiety and energy will be maintained. This way you will not suffer from hypoglycemia and your body will not ask you for something sweet to raise glucose levels quickly.

2. Change The Companion Of Meals

Many people tend to accompany their meals with the well-known sugary drinks, but these contain at least 10 teaspoons of sugar. Replace them with natural vegetable juices and fruits, nutritious juices or simply water. So you can avoid temptation.

3. Avoid Eating Out Of Home

If you are used to eating outside the home, you will constantly expose yourself to excessive consumption of salt, fat, and sugar. Try to buy the ingredients and cook at home as often as possible to ensure a healthy diet without sugar.

4. Do Not Have Candy At Home

Take from your shopping list the packaging of cookies, cereals and everything that is part of the endless processed products, which contain high amounts of sugar. If they were your main source of snack change them for healthy snacks like nuts or salads.

5. Enjoy Healthy Meals and Avoid Sugar

Look for healthy food recipes or visit restaurants that only offer vegetarian and healthy foods. With this, you can learn new dishes, fall in love with some recipes and replicate them.

6. Increase Protein Intake

To balance blood glucose levels and not suffer from hypoglycemia, it is recommended to increase the intake of legumes. These are high in protein and will give you a sense of satisfaction.

7. Express Emotions

Sometimes you increase your sugar intake because of the happiness that it gives you to consume it at the moment, and this happens frequently when a person is facing a difficult situation. However, it is much healthier for your mind and body to find the cause, express what you feel and not abstain from sweets.

Stevia Healthy Way Of Avoiding Sugar Consumption

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Although Stevia is eighty times sweeter than sugar, it does not provide any calories and also helps control blood glucose. This makes it a potential substitute for sugar.


It is necessary to be aware of how we consume food, detailing all those harmful foods we are eating. We have already seen all the damages caused by sugar and even though we do not continue to consume it directly, it is essential to accept that it is found in all the processed products that we consume daily. There are ways of avoiding sugar consumption, replace it with completely natural ingredients and take care of the health of our body.


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