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How To Know Appendicitis And How To Prevent It

How To Know Appendicitis And How To Prevent It

Appendicitis is a condition that is brought on by the inflammation of the appendix. It’s a tube of tissue that is three and a half inches long. It extends from the big intestine. The appendix consists of tissue that may turn out antibodies.

Even if it plays a role in digestion, if it becomes inflamed, appendicitis brings on medical emergency. At such a time, one need to undergo surgery in order to get the appendix removed. If the inflamed appendix isn’t treated, it’ll eventually burst or spill over infectious materials into the abdomen.

That in turn can cause peritonitis, that is a condition of inflammation of the liner of the abdominal cavity. That can be fatal unless it is treated and quickly with the help of strong antibiotics.

How To Know Appendicitis And How To Prevent It

Causes, Symptoms And Treatments For Appendicitis

Causes Of Appendicitis

The reason for inflammation could be several:

  • Any infection of the appendix may also bring about the condition of appendicitis
  • It can be brought on when the appendix gets blocked
  • It may also indicate cancer
  • It can be due to a foreign body
  • The blockage might be because of stool

Symptoms Of Appendicitis

The symptoms of appendicitis are classic and noteworthy:

  • One may suffer from fever
  • They might not be able to pass gas
  • One could suffer pain dissembling urinating
  • There could be instance of abdominal swelling
  • It become sharp and moves to the lower right abdomen
  • There is loss of appetency
  • There is a dull pain that is felt close to the upper abdomen or the naval space
  • One will experience vomit or nausea when the pain begins

When any of these symptoms are noted and that they are severe, it is best to not opt for pain remedies or attempt any other symptomatic relief treatments. That may lead to the inflamed appendix rupturing. Thus, medical attention should be wanted immediately.

How To Know Appendicitis And How To Prevent It

Treatment For Appendicitis

This condition is treated by surgery mostly. The procedure is called as appendectomy. That is a regular treatment opted for in case of inflammation. Most of the surgeries are aimed toward removing the appendix so there is no worry of rupture.

If one fears an inflamed appendix, then immediate surgery is needed. However, in order to prevent the onset of such a condition, there are several effective home remedies that may be followed.

Consuming Green Gram

One of the most effective home remedies is green gram:

  • One teaspoon of green gram would be consumed
  • When consumed daily and thrice in a day, it allows one to cleanse the system effectively

Treatment For Appendicitis

Other Kitchen Ingredients

One can consume the following ingredients so as to avoid appendicitis:

  • Garlic helps to avoid swelling of appendix
  • Beet and cucumber juices are often consumed
  • Plenty of water can help to flush out the system and maintain a healthy appendix

If you worry appendicitis, it is best to resort to preventive measures instantly.

Following A High Fiber Diet

It is suggested that one consumes:

  • Fresh fruits
  • Vegetables

These can permit one to pass out the mucous secretion and different toxins and prevent the chance of their buildup in the system.

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