How Long A Proper Diet Take To Lose Three Kilos, Here Experts’ Recommendations

How Long A Proper Diet Take To Lose Three Kilos, Here Experts' Recommendations - ebuddynews

As is generally known, following a proper diet and having healthy habits is the most effective way to care for health, especially to lose three kilos. Furthermore, thereby eliminating risk factors caused by overweight and obesity, conditions that can be risky for health.

However, according to data, 67% of people do not know how to carry out a healthy diet despite being concerned about their diet. It means that, despite good intentions, many do not eat the right way.

According to nutrition experts, taking diets to lose weight slowly is the best solution. According to the expert, a human being can lose 1.5 kilos in a week. It would help if you had a proper diet for at least three weeks to lose three kilos to do it healthily.

There are certain measures to follow to achieve the result, so intermittent fasting can be a good start for those who pursue the goal. It comes to recovering healthy habits, especially after having a few days of eating junk food. Once finished with this detoxification, experts recommend should be a maximum of two or three days of intermittent fasting. Well, in this way, they manage to reconnect with real hunger.

This stage is the most important since it is about maintaining willpower and starting to like food and healthy habits. According to another expert, it is important to know that restrictive diets are not the best option since they work in the short term but not in the long term. On the other hand, other experts say maintaining a diet rich in protein combined with exercise would help with the goal; however, the recommended time frame is 30 days.

Tips such as drinking plenty of water, increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruits, and controlling protein intake are the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For this part, experts also recommend consuming fennel and ginger infusions in the process.

Also, consistency is the key to achieving your goal. Being consistent with diet, exercise, and beauty treatments will ensure those seeking to lose weight that their goals are maintained in the long term and are healthy. It should note that the procedure may be different for each person, so please remember that experts also recommend visiting a trusted nutritionist

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