Here Is A Guide For Family And Friends About Type 2 Diabetes

Here Is A Guide For Family And Friends About Type 2 Diabetes - ebuddynews

Though you know about the details of Type 2 Diabetes, we created this article for those who have loved ones who suffer from Type 2 diabetes. This guide is helpful to help you navigate Type 2 diabetes as a family member or friend. Check out the rest of the guide for different situations and people in your life who may be facing Type 2 Diabetes.

What Is Type 2 Diabetes?

If your body doesn’t make or use insulin properly, you may have Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can appear in any person and at any age, even in childhood. However, this type of diabetes mostly appears in middle-aged and older people. 

Nowadays, it is a very common type of diabetes in all. Suppose you’ve recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes or are simply looking to manage your diabetes better. Remember always one thing that you are not alone, and that managing diabetes can be challenging.

How Is It Handled?

To measure blood sugar in our body, we can use the glucose meter device. We use a finger prick device and place the blood sample on a test strip. From there, the meter reads the test strip and gives us a number on the screen. Our glucose meter, insulin, needles, monitors, and oral medications are among them. 

Some of us must use insulin in different dosages or even an insulin pump. In other cases, sometimes, insulin is not required, but we use oral medications.  

What Are The Devices That Are Used?

The CGM (continuous glucose meter), or simply continuous glucose meter, measures glucose levels in real-time during the day and night. They inserted the CGM sensor under the skin to measure glucose levels in liquid tissue. Transmitter connected to a sensor that sends the information to a display device. It is common for many people to receive CGM results on their iPhone, Android, or Apple Watch.

What Can You Eat?

People who are with Type 2 diabetes can eat whatever they want to eat and choose to eat, as long as they eat the amount of insulin required for the proper dose. Although you might assume that following a strict no-carb diet would help us, many other things affect our blood sugar. Everything in moderation!

There’s a happy middle ground between filling your fridge with the healthiest foods and eating all the donuts, candies, and chocolates available. For anyone, eating healthy is the best way to feel better. However, don’t force someone to choose some food.

How Can It Affect Your Mood?

Remember that our mood may base on high or low blood sugar levels. We can get very stubborn or moody, or maybe we need a juice box. At times Type 2 diabetes can be stressful. These are the symptoms of high and low levels.

  • Symptoms of high levels: nausea, deep breaths, confusion, flushed and hot skin, drowsiness.
  • Low-level symptoms: shaking, pale and sweaty skin, headache, hunger, weakness, tremors.

General Treatment

The life day of someone with Type 2 diabetes involves frequent blood sugar testing and treatment with oral medications or insulin in some cases.

What To Do In Case Of Emergency?

In an emergency, we can do a few things to do. If we are ever insensible or unconscious, immediately call the emergency services. We need to react to the situation as if we are having a low level or experiencing severe hypoglycemia. If we are unconscious, you may need to give us emergency glucagon; if we are conscious, we should take rapid-acting glucose immediately. That can easily consume, juice boxes, candy, glucose tablets, or any other sugary food or drink.

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