Some Of Health Benefits of Bananas

Some Of Health Benefits of Bananas

Bananas are favorites among many though they’re not aware entirely of the benefits that may be gained from them, this sweet and exotic fruit certainly appeases the taste buds is also known for its mind refreshing ability. There are only a few people who can most likely believe that banana is fourth primary food that is eaten across entire world instantly after eating rice, corn and wheat. Banana takes first place when it comes to finding that is the most consumed fruit across whole US that’s followed by Apple.

Among the eighty million tons of banana that are produced across entire world there’s only twenty percent of this production that is sent out to export whereas the rest of this production is used for native use. Banana is the main food item when it comes to India and Sub-Sahara and even among people who follow Islam it’s said that this banana is food of Heaven.

Some of the South-east Asian parts make use of the fruit along side its leaves in cooking where banana leaves are used as wraps to cook fish whereas the fruit which can be cooked  is known as plantain and are inexperienced in color not like the ripe one which is usually yellow in color and might be eaten  directly.

This fruit also can be used to prepare exotic drinks, smoothies apart from which it may also be used in baking and desserts, the bananas that are used in their ripe kind are called desert bananas. The major vitamins in this fruit include vitamin A, B complex, C and B-6 excluding that 75th of these bananas are filled with water along with different nutrients like potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and fiber.

Avoids Smoking:

All people who have tried to quit smoking but weren’t able to get rid of this habit because of the feeling of illness, irritation, stress and abdomen cramps. For all those who need to really quit smoking should give banana a try due to the presence of potassium different other important vitamins that are known to give a molify effect to the brain whenever there is headache or stress that is soothed by alkaloid among smokers. Banana is additionally known to give immediate energy to the body that feels to be gone out by people who are made devoid of smoking and lessening the leg cramps.

Some Of Health Benefits of Bananas

Enhances Digestion:

Carbohydrates and dietary fiber that is present in bananas are known to regulate the intestine movements which ultimately help in proper digestion. Banana is known to be good for people who try to get away from chronic constipation which is because of the cellulose contents. Banana is also known to help people who reduce abdomen ulcers and decrease the possibility of developing gastric cancer. This fruit is also best possible and natural treatment for those affected by acidity due to the antacid effect it has.

Enhanced Kidney process:

Antioxidant phelonic present in this fruit is the main substance that is food for the health of kidneys additionally by lessening any probability of kidney stones from being produced. Banana is additionally known  to keep a check on the calcium which is emitted through urine, banana is also known  to lessen any chance of developing cancer among kidneys if the fruit is eaten  for four to six times weekly.

Relieves stress:

Banana is understood is relieve anyone who is affected by stress because of the tryptophane contents present in them having a soothing impact on brain, this is the type of aminoalkanoic acid that is known to be neurochemical that aids in stabilising the mood lessening stress on the body.

Bone strengthening:

For our body to increase absorption of all the nutrients it’s necessary that there should be a prebiotic named fructooligosaccharide that is present in large amount among bananas. This prebiotic is also known  to help the body in taking in calcium which can increase strength among the bones lessening the chance that there will be pathology that is developed among many others at abundant higher ages. Potassium in banana is known to prevent any loss of the calcium in our body.

Reduces blood pressure:

There are many doctors who advise to take this fruit for all people who are trouble with higher blood pressure. Mixture of lower sodium and higher potassium in this fruit makes it best to prevent any stroke and high blood pressure.

Some Of Health Benefits of Bananas

Betterment of vision:

Vision is also said to improve for people who make it a point to eat banana daily decrease the danger of devolution as age increases, people who have consumed three times every day haven’t undergone any degeneration of macular.

Great source of energy:

Banana is one such fruit that is advised to be eaten  by sportsmen during their games because of its ability of accelerating energy levels in the body. The reason for increased  energy levels in the body is due to the presence of carbohydrates making them initial choice in breakfast to help them make it throughout the day.

Ideal food for dieting:

Anyone suffering with overeating habit will notice this fruit decrease this habit due to the 108 calories they have. Obesity will be lessened by vitamin B6 available in the fruit.

Get Vitamin B6:

Vitamin B6 has many anti-inflammatory drug benefits lessening the chance of developing type II diabetes, obesity and heart issues. Vitamin B6 helps in functioning of body fluid gland that produces white blood cells and protecting the body from infections along side brain cells and acceptable functioning of nervous system.

Prevents Diarrhea:

Diarrhea leads to body weakness since electrolytes have drained out of the body which will be crammed up with potassium in bananas.

It is advised that almost four bananas have to be eaten weekly to provide the body with all necessary nutrients, there are many varieties in bananas like red, green and yellow however at the same time this is a fruit which is both healthy and delicious. Among all the kinds of bananas the one that has black spots on yellow skin is eight times healthier and increasing the proper functioning of white blood cells compared to green bananas.

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