Guide To Top 10 Healthy Resolutions For The New Year That Improve Your Life Quality

Guide To Top 10 Healthy Resolutions For The New Year That Improve Your Life Quality - ebuddynews

Something about a new year prompts us to ‘clean the slate,’ leave bad habits in the past, and start fresh. We remember the resolutions we managed to keep and the ones we missed. We promise to take care of ourselves better in the coming year. I’m a big fan of resolutions if they are reasonable. Resolutions do not do you much good if you abandon them before Valentine’s Day. You better focus on the changes you can practice every day, as they are most likely to stick with you and the most fruitful ones. So, here is my list of the top 10 healthy resolutions for a New Year.

Healthy Resolutions For New Year

1. Eat Breakfast

Your brain requires power after an overnight fast. Those who eat breakfast are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. And breakfast will also help keep you sharp throughout the morning.

2. Move More

Aside from your regular exercise, try to add more activity to the day. It is better to step up the stairs, walk or bike to run errands, hang around the house. At the same time, you speak on the phone and walk to the co-worker’s office instead of making them an email correspondence.

3. Don’t Eat In Front Of Any Screen

Whether it is a computer, television, or movie screen, you are not concentrating on your food when you eat in front of one. You will probably end up eating more and enjoying yourself less.

4. Stop Eating When You’re In A Hurry

That means eating in the car, walking down the street running errands, or getting dressed in the morning. Take the time to sit down, focus on your food and enjoy.

5. Watch The Liquid Calories

Get most of your calories from food, not drinks. Unless your drink is a meal itself, liquids should be as low in calories as possible. It is one of the simplest practices to cut excess calories.

6. Stay Hydrated

Many of the body’s processes depend on water, but many people do not drink enough. Keep water or tea close to you and enjoy it throughout the day.

7. Include Protein In All Your Meals

Protein satisfies hunger better than fat or carbohydrates. Eat it with every meal and snack on foods like yogurt, dried fruit, high-protein cereal, smoothies, string cheese, or a can of tuna.

8. Include A Fruit Or Vegetable With Every Meal

Fruits and vegetables give you the most nutrition for the fewest calories. Also, they are full of water and fiber, which means they fill you up from the inside and not from the outside.

9. Don’t Skip Meals

Skipping meals rarely works as a calorie control measure. Taking small meals and snacks every few hours is a better strategy. Then you end up making up for it at the next meal.

10. Lift Weights

Strength training burns calories, can lift your mood, and helps keep your bones strong. It also helps you build muscle mass, making you stronger and increasing your resting metabolic rate.

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