Eat Healthy Diet To Prevent Breast Cancer

Eat Healthy Diet To Prevent Breast Cancer - ebuddynews

When breast cancer appears in a patient’s life, diet plays a decisive role to prevent since it becomes essential for improving the body and protecting it against cell damage caused by the tumor. Further, in the case of breast cancer, whose ‘World Cancer Day celebrations take place on October 19,’ the link between a healthy diet and well-being is also direct.

As with all types of cancer, the risk of developing breast cancer varies from person to person and depends on the result of a combination, among other causes, of genetic factors and factors related to lifestyle. Only 5-10% of tumors are hereditary, while a very high percentage is external factors. Lifestyle, and specific diet, play a very important role in reducing the risk of suffering from it and during the disease, making it a perfect ally or the main enemy when it comes to maintaining or putting our health at risk.

Specialists explain that the beneficial or adverse effect of specific foods or nutrients, both from food and supplement form, has not been proven. You can see that following a ‘healthy pattern’ greatly reduces the risk of breast cancer. Not following it increases the risk of suffering from this disease.

And how do we define an onco-healthy pattern? Experts explain that it is a pattern that encourages the consumption of raw vegetable foods. It discourages the consumption of ultra-processed foods and processed meat, sugary drinks, alcohol, and excessive intake of red meat, replacing it with fish and white meat. This nutritious, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory diet, rich in fiber, vitamins, carotenoids, and healthy fats, can avoid up to 30% of breast cancers. To reduce the risk of cancer in general and breast cancer in particular, it is, therefore, necessary to recover those eating habits that scientific evidence defends loudly and clearly. And eliminate those that it recognizes as harmful with the same forcefulness. 

Also, experts insist that first of all, we must minimize the consumption of red meat (the WHO is very clear: 200 grams a week), reduce consumption to the minimum possible of processed meats, ultra-processed foods (poor in nutrients and rich in calories), alcoholic and sugary drinks. Secondly, it is advisable to consume fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts in more quantities.

Five Keys To Prevent Breast Cancer From The Diet Table

Follow to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables at least five times a day, including various textures, colors, aromas, and flavors.

Foods from cereals, bread, rice, pasta, etc., which preferably whole grains. Enrich the consumption of legumes and nuts.

Promote fish consumption and include oily fish and white meat compared to red meat.

The fewer ultra-processed products and processed meat are, the better.

Go after the advice and stay away from the consumption of alcohol and sugary drinks.

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