Diet Paleo or Paleo Diet – It Is Interesting As A Way Of Life

Diet Paleo or Paleo Diet - It Is Interesting As A Way Of Life ebuddynews

What is the Paleo Diet or Paleo Diet?

All the experts and also our common sense warn us that this society eats badly. The most responsible we have charge of conscience, or we look for alternatives. But when looking for information about it, we come across many different ways of <eating well>. As an example, we can name many ways to do it. From vegetarian diet; vegetarian ovolacteous; raw or raw diet; omnivore diet; until one of the most named now, which is the Paleo or Paleo diet.

It is curious the circuit that all things do. They are perfect cycles that usually take us to the starting point as the best option. It always ends up being the best alternative. One of the most specific cases is the popular Paleolithic diet, Paleo diet or Paleo diet.

Why paleo diets and other

Diet Paleo or Paleo Diet - It Is Interesting As A Way Of Life ebuddynews

According to all the results of research carried out in the field of different disciplines such as biochemistry; endocrinology; biology; dermatology, etc. They make clear the nutritional failure of our modern diet. Diet in which refined ingredients prevail, appearance and speed. We want to have ready-to-eat foods in the shortest possible time. Manufacturers strive to nourish the senses because with it they earn money.

S XXI foods are sugary foods, with fast absorption carbohydrates and full of trans fat. In addition to preservatives, they contain flavor enhancers with added preservatives; acidulants; anti-caking agents; dyes, etc. In other words: foods that potentially can be the source of degenerative diseases. Diseases such as obesity; cardiovascular problems; hepatic autoimmune depressions; too many cases of infertility, etc. In addition to chronic diseases; Very sad, by the way.

What is the Palaeolithic Diet or “Paleo”?

Basically to remove from the diet everything that the Western world has been introducing over the centuries.

Although our body has adapted to this, we really should not feed ourselves that way. Our ancestors were hunter/gatherers. They ate what they produced with their hands without machines; or hunted and dried. In fact, omnivorous mammal animals that breed loose in their habitat continue to feed in that way. They are still hunter/gatherers and eat what they get.

Paleolithic diet or Paleo, is not a rare diet or that endangers our body, but, quite the opposite.

It is not difficult to understand what the purpose of this new-old way of feeding is. It has a unique nutritional approach. It is about nourishing us as much as our ancestors did. It could also be called «ancestral diet». But if we go deeper, it would be difficult to carry it out today. It would merely be an anachronism and much more in the big cities. Therefore, we understand that it is something that goes beyond feeding oneself like the men of the caverns. It is an adaptation in which it is contemplated to eat everything that is natural for the body and discard what feels terrible.

The first thing is to try to imagine what things our great-grandparents did not have and what they did have.

It is not a diet in itself, but a lifestyle based on knowledge of nutrition. The paleo diet pretends that they know how to make the best decisions when choosing food. Understand especially the effects that food has on the body. Of course, adapting our way of eating to the needs of each one, since each activity and each body has its own requirements.

They had:

Diet Paleo or Paleo Diet - It Is Interesting As A Way Of Life ebuddynews

A seasonal variety of vegetables: vegetables; fruits; vegetables; grain; vegetables; nuts; cereals; seeds; barks; aquatic plants, etc. All ripened and harvested without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, etc.

Meats, whole animals or viscera; in addition to its traditionally made dairy products. Animals raised loose and without feed or fattening supplements; antibiotics; hormones; etc. Among said animals, also poultry and their eggs. Loose-bred animals fed on what they peck or with corn or wheat. No compound feed.

Fish from the open sea, not from fish farms.

In fact, in the paleolithic diet, you can eat any food. Except that it should not be manufactured; and their upbringing must be ancestral.

Two aspects that should be taken into account in the Paleo diet:

1. Digestion should be good

The digestive system is more than just a system through which food passes and the body draws out what it needs. It is part of the immune system . 80% of the immune system is located in the intestines. If we introduce foods that the body will not tolerate as natural, our intestines are altered. That is going to be the beginning of a series of inflammatory and autoimmune problems.

2. There must be a balance of the sugar in the blood

When we constantly feel hungry and eat every two or three hours and still feel the need to peck or we are weak; It is very likely that there is an imbalance in our nutrition. A diet that has well-included carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, will make that balance is felt feeling hungry every four or six hours and we will not be looking for what to eat between meals.

The paleo or paleodiet diet has the following principles:

1. Eat traditional foods that are nutritious and anti-inflammatory

  • Meat foods, whether meat or broth made with animals that eat grass and are raised in freedom.
  • Food or drinks that have been fermented traditionally, without added chemicals.
  • Healthy fats: avocados, coconut oil, virgin olive oil, almonds, nuts, etc.
  • Vegetables and fruits that have not been fumigated with pesticides.
  • You can find books or guides with lists of foods on the web. Although the best is to use common sense.

2. Pro-inflammatory foods should be avoided:

  • Gluten. It is a component of many foods, people who have not been diagnosed with celiac is the cause of much inflammation. The cause is probably the genetic manipulation of the grains that contain it.
  • Products from milk that are pasteurized. Pasteurization is a process that leaves milk without the most desirable: probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, etc. The resulting liquid is a very altered element causing more damage than benefits for the body. The new options that are available for nut drinks, almonds, etc. are preferable. No additions They are high-quality drinks.
  • Grains: Not all people understand, but people who suffer from chronic diseases, primarily autoimmune, improve significantly if they stop eating them. The components of the grains are closely related to digestive problems.

Diet Paleo or Paleo Diet - It Is Interesting As A Way Of Life ebuddynews

Avoid processed foods:

  • Soy
  • Trans fats or oils that are hydrogenated or totally or partially adulterated
  • Hydrogenated oils
  • Artificial sweeteners: aspartame, saccharins, corn syrup, fructose, etc.
  • Foods that have been subjected to antibiotics and hormones, as with animals
  • The Paleo diet tries to find a balance between work, physical activity, and relaxation

We can not emulate primitive man, but we must bear in mind that he worked hard for many hours looking for food, shelter and maintaining a roof. The rest of his time he rested and carried out social activities.

That today (as we have said before), would be impossible. But if it is possible to remember that in our DNA it is not written to lead a sedentary life. Nor to maintain constant stress.

Is the paleo or paleodiet diet right for me?

Lí does not recommend adhering to any diet. Instead, what we recommend is a balance; Although the concept of this way of eating is exciting and very consistent with what we always advise our readers. If you are one of those people who are not very clear about how to eat well and for that reason you have been tempted to become a vegetarian, it can be a smart alternative. I should try it for a month or two in a row. Most likely, you will see significant changes in your life.

You might be surprised at the results. It’s more. We should not even name it and follow a protocol. «Paleo diet» is a registered name with specific explanations of how to do it. We think that it is not necessary to “follow it to the letter.” By merely removing gluten, dairy, refined sugars, grains, processed foods, soft drinks, alcohol, possible toxins from the diet, you would find yourself much better. Over time he would make his personalized eating because he would quickly learn which foods are sorry for him and which are not.

Some problems related to the pro-inflammatory diet

Allergies asthma; thyroid diseases; Alzheimer’s; anemia; acne; arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis; arteriosclerosis; Vertigo; Cancer; disorders of attention; bone problems; dermatitis; celiac disease; diverticulitis; epilepsy; anxiety and depression; endometriosis; permeable colon syndrome; leaky gut; ulcer; irritable bowel Addison’s illness; fibromyalgia; infertility; lactose intolerance; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; migraines; lupus; pancreatitis; multiple sclerosis; Parkinson; loss or weight gain; etc.

Being able to see these diseases improve with a change <test mode> two months of the usual way to eat a healthier, it would not be bad to try Do not think so?




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