Causes, Diagnosis, Diet And Homeopathic Treatment For Autism

Causes, Diagnosis, Diet And Homeopathic Treatment For Autism

Autism may be a condition that afflicts several kids around the globe and continues well into adulthood, with far-ranging and lifelong repercussions. While there’s no permanent cure for this debilitating condition, one will turn to variety of treatments and management ways in order to take care of the symptoms and suppress the onset of the same. Allow us to find out additional about the causes of the condition also because the diagnosis, diet and homeopathic  treatment for the same.


This is a neurological disorder that kids are usually born with. It may arise because of genetic or environmental factors. This is a complex complaint that has a pertaining to the social and communication skills of the child and it affects his/her development because the child grows into an adult. Intake of medicine and other forms of harmful medications during pregnancy are the most notable causes of this disease, while a faulty carrier gene may additionally bring on this condition in several cases. Exposure to many types of chemicals can also cause the onset of this condition.

Causes, Diagnosis, Diet And Homeopathic Treatment For Autism


While there are no lab tests that may determine the presence of this condition, doctors usually conduct the diagnosis on the basis of the symptoms, including constant tantrums, repetition of words as well as slurring, and over sensitivity towards pain. Further, a clinical evaluation supported the milestones touched by the kid in the development method also will be studied carefully in order to make the proper diagnosis. Screening tests will help determine the presence of this condition.


There is a large body of medical practitioners who hold the belief that the diet of a patient will have a large bearing on how he or she reacts to autism and its symptoms. As per several medical studies, it’s known  that these patients aren’t able to digest gluten and casein very well, that is why they should eliminate the same from their diet. Therefore, the patients should stick to gluten-free food like rice, vegetables, corn, soy and even fruits. Further, they must even try to avoid casein-rich food like dairy.

Causes, Diagnosis, Diet And Homeopathic Treatment For Autism

Homeopathic Treatment

These medicines should be prescribed by a doctor. There are about twenty differing types of medicines available to treat and manage the symptoms, especially if they arise because of genetic reasons. These may be prescribed for a period of six months to one year at a time, depending on the severity of the symptoms. The Houston homeopathy technique has been known  to give relief to over many kids affected by this ailment. Constitutional homeopathy may be used in such cases so as to bring some respite from the symptoms.

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