Can We Have Urine Infection By Sitting On The Floor?

Can We Have Urine Infection By Sitting On The Floor - eBuddy News

A statistical survey states that one out of every 10 women suffers from urine infection.

In addition to this six out of ten women, suffer although their lives state Hospital de La Paloma, Gran Canaria.
This infection is severe among women than in men. The urinary system is affected by all the infections related to urine. The urine infection affects kidneys (pyelonephritis), the bladder (cystitis) or the urethra (urethritis).

Myths Of Urine Infection

One of the myths of a urine infection is that the pathology is high and recurrent in people sitting down on the floor. This is not true. Urinary infections not caused by sitting down on the floor.

To avoid urinary infections, hygiene is important. This stated by Dr. Ramon Delgado Lillo, head of the nephrology department of the University Hospital Quirónsalud Madrid bluntly.
Puigvert Foundation indicates that the presence of bacteria in the urine causes urinary infections resulting in consequent discomfort of patients.
Urinary infections cause stinging when urinating, lower abdomen pain, increase in the frequency of urination, urgency voiding, no sense of finished urination.

The urine with bleeding is called turbid-looking urine or hematuria. This happens because the urinary bladder or cystitis infected by the infected urine. Urine infected by several bacteria.

Urinary infection caused by 80-90% of a type of bacteria called E. Coli or Escherichia coli that lodged in the intestine. The Hospital de La Paloma states the urinary infection caused by microbes particularly bacteria in the urinary tract.

Two Ways in Which Urine Infection Can Occur

  • Through the urethra or
  • Through the flow of the blood

If the infection occurs through the flow of blood then it will damage the kidneys.
The Bacteria ‘E. coli developed due to virus, fungus or parasites in the urinary tract infections.

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There are various pathologist, especially renal, that can cause urinary tract infections.

Urine Infection In Sexual Relations

Urine infections more frequent in women than in men, this related highly to the colonization of the urethra by germs. The germs come from the anus generally. Hence urinary infection not acquired by sitting on the floor, as you popularly believe.
We must maintain hygiene in the area, should not wear tight underwear or sweating increases the appearance of the problems. When the germs reach the urethra, the problem in females is more than in males as the conduct is less in females.

Hence the infections in females more frequent. Nephrologists emphasis that as the urethra is wide open in females, hence they are subjected to more inflammations.

Another phenomenon called honeymoon cystitis, the urethra due to no adequate lubrication during the sexual intercourse, the urethra becomes inflamed and traumatized. This also acts in favor of bacterium.

The nephrologist of the Gregorio Marañón Hospital (Madrid), Dr. Tejedor said Regarding hygiene, emphasized after urinating women should clean themselves from front to back.

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