Brain Cancer Vaccine Set To Extend Lives By Years

Brain Cancer Vaccine Set To Extend Lives By Years - ebuddynews

Vaccines are a good way to prevent, but they also allow diseases to be cured. Therefore, it is not unreasonable for researchers to analyze different possibilities to end cancers as aggressive as brain cancer. But what if there is already a brain cancer vaccine?

Having brain cancer is a hard blow not only for patients but also for families. The depression in which sometimes the diagnosed people fall, as the article points out Quality of life in patients with brain tumors: the importance of the
psychological variables cause them anxiety and great discomfort.

But, maybe there’s nothing more to worry about this. There are several sources that inform us that there is a vaccine that could be the definitive solution for brain cancer. Let’s see the expectations and how this vaccine acts for the destruction of this disease.

Brain Cancer Vaccine

Brain Cancer Vaccine Set To Extend Lives By Years - ebuddynews

The newspaper El País published a story in December 2018 that talked about personalized vaccines for patients suffering from brain cancer. This was carried out in a study carried out with few people that reported quite encouraging results and keep the brain and body healthier.

However, because the number of subjects who participated in the trial was very few, the researchers do not dare to affirm with a forcefulness that they have been able to find a cure for this type of cancer. More research is needed to ensure the veracity of the evidence.


Brain Cancer Vaccine Set To Extend Lives By Years - ebuddynews

The Immunotherapy is a concept of great importance in this vaccine has just discovered. This term refers to the use of the body’s own defenses to direct them and to attack brain cancer.

However, the researchers found that not all tumors are exactly the same and neither do they all respond well to immunotherapy treatment. Therefore, we have worked on a “precision immunotherapy” to treat patients suffering from glioblastoma.

Custom Brain Cancer Vaccine

Glioblastoma is one of the cancers with the worst prognosis. Therefore, patients who suffered from it at the time of the study needed a personalized vaccine so that the results were favorable. But how is this done?

The best way is to design a vaccine with the antigens of the patient’s own tumor. This favors a much more effective immune response. Well, the lymphocytes manage to recognize the “bad” cells and destroy them.

In the investigation, they realized that the patients responded favorably to the personalized brain cancer vaccine and not to the generic one. Well, it does not help that it is designed for any type of tumor. To end brain cancer, the vaccine must be personalized.

Expectations for Brain Cancer

Brain Cancer Vaccine Set To Extend Lives By Years - ebuddynews

The advances that are being made with respect to different types of cancer and, specifically with brain cancer, are quite encouraging. However, 30 people participated in the mentioned study.

This can also make us wonder if it would be feasible to study and create a personalized vaccine for each person who has brain cancer. Is this viable? Would its cost be accessible to all people?

In addition, it is important to mention that the investigation did not manage to destroy the cancer of the people who suffered it. Although it is important to emphasize that they suffered a quite aggressive type of cancer with a high mortality rate, despite the treatments that were carried out.

What was achieved was to increase the survival rate. According to what the newspaper El País indicated, these patients usually last about 14 months. However, the vaccine allowed this number to rise up to 29 months. Undoubtedly, an encouraging figure that indicates that he is going on the right track and that, perhaps, the final cure is near.

At present, researchers continue studying different possibilities to end this type of diseases that, each year, are carried ahead to thousands of people. We hope that, sooner than expected, we will receive news about a vaccine that completely eradicates cancer.

Children, youth, adults and the elderly suffer cancers of different types. Undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy is an experience that, hopefully, will soon have as a solution a simple accessible, reliable and effective vaccine.

Do you think the brain cancer vaccine will end cancer? Do you think this will also be feasible for more aggressive cancers like glioblastoma?

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