An Awareness Health Concern Note On World Mental Health Day 2017

An Awareness Health Concern Note On World Mental Health Day 2017

On Oct 10, 2017, World Mental Health Day, let’s take a second to assess our own mental health and our community’s capability to provide care must we need it.

Today, there’s increasingly more attention on mental health. There is growing understanding that mental health is an important part of a community’s well-being and success. Therefore, people are searching inward to evaluate one’s personal mental health and looking outward to understand the well-being of the community.

A statistic we share regularly at mind Springs health is that one of four adults is affected by a diagnosable mental illness in a given year. Symptoms and signs of poor mental health vary relying on the disorder, however, some common examples include: incapability to concentrate, continuously feeling unhappy or down, changes in sleep patterns or appetite, inability to cope with stress, withdrawal from friends and activities and/or severe mood changes.

An Awareness Health Concern Note On World Mental Health Day 2017

Some people can effectively control mild symptoms of mental illness with coping mechanisms like exercise, art-therapy and/or socialization. If you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms of mental illness that starts to feel more unmanageable, affordable and powerful treatment methods are available.

Community mental health centers that are located on the Western Slope of Colorado and accept most insurances, which includes Medicaid and Medicare. Some of the Health Centres gives person, family and group therapy for mild to extreme mental illness. Therapists and counselors are trained in evidence-based practices, which means the treatment provided has been proven to work.

An Awareness Health Concern Note On World Mental Health Day 2017

In case you or a loved one experience extreme symptoms of mental illness and are prone to harming themselves or others, mental health Centre in Grand Junction is a safe and healing environment wherein to obtain a remedy. There is the only psychiatric health center from Denver to Salt Lake and is presently in the process of a state of the art preservation so that it will allow twice as many community members to receive life-saving care.

They also know that person well-being affects community well-being. Communities are made from people, and we’re social beings who certainly are looking for connections. If you understand a friend or even an acquaintance who may be experiencing difficulty, please do reach out, connect and refer them to treatment. Treatment works and together we can strengthen our community’s well-being.

They’ve a responsibility to our community to push forward and promote effective action for the growth of mental health, crisis and addiction services. We know they are capable of creating a community wherein behavioral health is deemed crucial to total wellness alongside physical fitness because we’re a forward-thinking and compassionate community.

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