Amazing Benefits of SourSop For Weight Loss

Amazing Benefits of SourSop For Weight Loss - eBuddynews

Fresh soursop leaves are widely used for the manufacture of medicinal herbs. Soursop leaves grant a great number of benefits to health and medicine in general. They are used to treat cancer, diabetes. In addition to the above, there are many benefits of Soursop for weight loss.

What They Are The Nutritional Intake Of Soursop Leaves Tea?

In the Soursop Leaves Tea, there are many nutrients

  • Vitamins like A, B, C and E
  • The minerals like calcium, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, silicon, iron and potassium
  • Isoquinolines like anonaine, atherospermine, and coreximine
  • Lipids, stearic acid, linoleic acid, lignoceric acid, and gentisic acid
  • Lactones, javoricin, murihexocin A and C, gianttronemine, muricoreacin
  • annopentocins A, B and C, annomutacin, annomuricin A, B, C and E, and annohexocin
  • Acetogenins, muricapentocin, muricatocin C and A, annomuricin B and A, murihexocin C, muricoreacin, bullatacin, and bullatacinone

 Reasons Studied By Experts

Soursop - eBuddy News

1. Contains Powerful Antioxidant Properties

These leaves contain extracts with numerous nutritional and medicinal properties. This is one main reason the pharmacological industry has put its eyes on soursop leaves. Henceforth, The industry is now preparing medicines for the human body.

2. Has slimming properties

Soursop leaves contain linoleic, steat and annojexocin acids. These leaves help to burn fat. These Leaves detoxify and cleanse the digestive system. Hence Soursop leaves contribute significantly to weight loss.

3. Help reduce appetite

Guanabana leaves prepared as an infusion reduces food carving among people who have the anxiety to eat. The infusion of Guanabana leaves aids in carrying the aforesaid nutritional program to lose weight. Hence, Guanabana leaves help to reduce appetite.  Soursop Leaves, in turn, leads to eating a little less without leaving behind the nutrients that the food possesses and that must be consumed.

4. Strengthens the immune system

Sousop For Weight Loss - eBuddynews

Many people in the process of weight reduction, feel some discomfort and energy loss. This process in some way damages the immune system. The vitamin C contained in the guanabana leaves thus helps to strengthen the immune system preparing it for a weight loss diet.

5. Helps to release toxins

The content of minerals contained in soursop leaves is able to release all the toxins that have accumulated in the body and excrete them continuously.

6. It is a potent diuretic

Soursop tea helps to deflate the body, thus decreasing toxins and releasing the body of retained fluid.

7. Help control cholesterol levels

Soursop leaves help in an efficient way to lower the level of triglycerides and increase good cholesterol. Hence soursop leaves manifested as a cleanser of arteries and blood.

Tea From Leaves of Soursop for weight loss

Preparing guanabana leaf tea to lose weight is extremely simple. Hence it is only necessary to have fresh or dried leaves to make tea.

Sour Soup Leaves Tea - EBuddy News


Ingredients of Soursop Leaves Tea

  • 7 sheets of fresh or dried Sour Soup Leaves
  • ½ liter of water
  • 1/2 teaspoon of stevia (to taste)

How to prepare it?

  • Boil a ½ liter of water in a container and add the 7 Sour Soup leaves
  • Leave on low heat for about 5 minutes
  • Extract the drink from the fire and let it rest
  • Strain the drink and add the stevia


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is necessary to have a healthy weight. This has a great impact on people who have made an effort to lose weight. Sustaining a permanent nutritional discipline for an active life is necessary.
Hence, drinking Soursop for weight loss is the main alternative to maintain good health.

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