9 Best Natural Antibiotics For Daily Life

9 Best Natural Antibiotics For Daily Life - ebuddynews

The abuse or misuse of conventional antibiotics has negative effects on health, since it creates resistance in our own body, alters the intestinal bacterial flora and cancels the natural defenses of our body. In contrast, best natural antibiotics strengthen the immune system and increasingly strengthen our natural defenses against any type of pathogen.

Discover in this article which are the best natural antibiotics that we can take to prevent and treat all types of viruses and bacteria.

How do Natural Antibiotics Work?

Natural antibiotics are foods or medicinal plants that work from their nutrients or active ingredients, which act positively on different functions of our body to facilitate cell regeneration, in addition to activating and strengthening the immune system.

Unlike conventional antibiotics, they do not generate resistance from viruses and bacteria. They have the property of inhibiting the growth of pathogens and favor the natural mechanisms that our body has to eliminate all that is harmful. In this way, by overcoming the disease, the organism is more strengthened than before and with defenses much more active against pathogenic germs.

On the contrary, conventional antibiotics do carry risks or side effects for health. They tend to damage the intestinal flora, so the use of natural antibiotics is recommended as a prevention or in mild infections.

The Best Natural Antibiotics

Next we detail which are the 9 best natural antibiotics.

1. Propolis

9 Best Natural Antibiotics For Daily Life - ebuddynews

The propolis is one of the best natural antibiotics, rich in bioflavonoids, essential oils, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. The bees extract this resin from the buds and bark of the trees and use it to cover and protect the hives.

How do we take it?

  • As a preventive: 5 drops every day fasting.
  • At the first symptoms: 5 drops every hour.

2. Garlic

9 Best Natural Antibiotics For Daily Life - ebuddynews

The Garlic is a very effective natural antibiotic eliminating pathogens and does not alter the beneficial bacteria. This is because it contains allicin and other multiple compounds. Garlic can be consumed or applied on the skin to any infection.

If we have problems to consume or digest it, we can take it in capsules .

3. Echinacea

9 Best Natural Antibiotics For Daily Life - ebuddynews

The Echinacea is an herb that strengthens the immune system and fights viruses and bacteria. We can take it in infusions, extracts or tablets.

However, people suffering from autoimmune diseases should consult a specialist doctor first. It is also not recommended for long periods, but rather in a timely manner.

4. Oregano Essential Oil

9 Best Natural Antibiotics For Daily Life - ebuddynews

This potent essential oil fights viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites , and can be consumed or applied topically. However, we recommend making sure that it is of the highest quality and suitable for human consumption.

We can take a drop of this oil, twice a day , mixed with honey or olive oil , always raw.

It should not be taken during pregnancy.

5. Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic with antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic and disinfectant properties, known and used since ancient times. This solution of silver particles dispersed in water has no health risks.

6. Copper-Gold-Silver

This triple combination of trace elements works as a stimulant of the immune system, while increasing our energy and vitality. It is usually consumed in the form of blisters, outside of meals, and for a short time.

7. Bee Honey

9 Best Natural Antibiotics For Daily Life - ebuddynews

The bee honey is not as powerful as propolis, but we should not underestimate its nutritional values and its many health properties. It is one of the best preventive antibiotics, since we can consume it every day in moderate quantities and, incidentally, avoid the consumption of refined sugar.

8. Lemon

9 Best Natural Antibiotics For Daily Life - ebuddynews

The lemon is a citrus fruit of incredible antibiotic properties , which we can find especially in its peeling (rind). The best way to take advantage of it is to get organic lemons, wash and peel them, and keep their peeling in the freezer. The idea is to consume the frozen peels, little by little, in all kinds of juices, smoothies, salads, stews, etc.

9. Onion

9 Best Natural Antibiotics For Daily Life - ebuddynews

Onion is a medicinal food with very beneficial properties to prevent and treat respiratory diseases and parasites . In addition, it favors the natural elimination of toxins thanks to its sulfur content.

Now that you know these natural antibiotics, do not hesitate to take them to strengthen your immune system and treat minor infections.

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